What the bible says about israel in the last days

what the bible says about israel in the last days

What Does The Bible Say About Israels Recent Peace Agreements?

Apr 19, Simply, what the Bible says about Israel in the last days is that they return to the Lord. They will seek him with all their heart. According to Jeremiah , God will make a new covenant with them, and they walk in all the words that God has promised and prophesied and spoken over them in . In Mathew He said, know that (the end) is near at the doors . Consider the last point. Prophecy says that the last days timeline (chronology of major end-time world events) is closely tied to the people and land of Israel. Put simply, when world events center on .

In the Christian church today, many are taught that God has rejected the Jewish people because they rejected Jesus as Savior and Messiah. Therefore, God has rejected them and Christians have replaced them. But what does the Bible really say about Israel and the Jewish people in the last days?

Download Transcript. When we talk about the events of the end times and the things that will take place around the world, one of the most crucial issues has to be the nation of Israel.

What about the nation of Israel? What happens to the Jewish people in the last days? Simply, what the Bible says about Israel in the last days is that they return to the Lord. They will seek him with all their heart.

According to JeremiahGod will make a new covenant with them, and they walk in all the words that God has promised and prophesied and spoken over them in the Scriptures. We need to focus on teaching our children about the most powerful event that has ever happened on this planet! God in His timing has special moments, special days in which He determines by His name that He is going to move. The Feast of Purim, also called the Feast of Esther, is one such occasion.

With faith, you believe it even when you do not see it. Faith is the substanceit is the evidence you need to experience all the promises of God. Many people say that they believe in the bible. That is good, but it is not enough. We do not want you to just believe in the bibleWe want you to have an experience with the bible. Because that will change everything you do.

Today the Jewish feasts and fasts continue to have great significance for us. It is not that we have to celebrate these times, we get to enjoy them. This resource has the power to change the way you live and experience God. We pray it will be a blessing and a turning point in your life! Your Name required. Last Name required. Your Email required. How to harvest and cure onions 19, Christ: The First Fruits of Resurrection.

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Israel plays a prominent role in the end times predictions of the Bible. Several factors reveal that Israel will endure into the end times and play a primary part in God's plan for the final days. First, the seven-year Tribulation described in Revelation includes a time . Sep 19, These are the exact events the Bible says will happen in the last days. The Bible says Jerusalem will be like an intoxicating drink that makes the nearby nations stagger (Zechariah ). Thats precisely what weve seen. The re-establishment of Israel in led the neighboring Arab nations to declare war. Jul 19, Just as Isaiah says, on May 14, , Israel became a nation in one day. This sign alone tells us we live in the last days before Jesus return to earth. At that time, the land of Israel was a barren wasteland just as Ezekiel said it would be when Israel returned to the land.

I produced this outline on June 6, , preaching it on the radio at that time. Many changes have been made in our nation and in the nation of Israel since then. I continue to pray for the nation of Israel, and our own nation. I don't know if our nation will defend Israel, but I continue to pray and trust she will. I know what the Bible declares concerning the nation of Israel, and I know this tiny nation must go through much trouble before she will turn again to the Lord.

But turn to the Lord she will. It is to this day all believers anticipate. We pray God will keep on blessing the nation of Israel, and that he will bring her to himself. This question was asked me. The Bible says in the last days all the nations on earth will turn against Israel.

Where will the United States stand at this time? The United States has promised to always protect and stand up for Israel. The question is really about the following verses:. God will judge all nations because all nations have gone against Israel.

All nations will go against Israel at the Battle of Gog and Magog. Ezekiel 38 and 39 speaks of God drawing God and Magog to battle against Israel. First - Every nation on the earth means just that every nation.

Is there any person that is born not a sinner? We know the only person born not a sinner was Jesus Christ, who died that all could have eternal life. It is true that the United States has been removed from the human rights section of the United Nations, but it is also true that the United Nations has been primarily financed by the United States. It is also true that all our politicians seem to believe that the United Nations is the only hope for peace, economic stability, and religious unity in this world.

Third - The only other option available is that the United States is not a nation at the end time. We certainly hate to think of this option, but this is the only other available option.

Think of all the things the United States has done to kick God out of our society. Is it any wonder that God will destroy the United States as a nation? The United States was established on Christian principles, most of our early laws being written based on what the Bible said. Most of our founding fathers were God fearing people, who earnestly desired a place to worship and serve God Almighty.

Therefore they rebelled against England and formed the United States of America. But now: Bible reading in many public places is against the law. There is a judge that is being sued because he placed a copy of the ten commandments on a wall of his courtroom. Abortion is the law of the land, and many millions of innocent babies have been killed while still in their mothers womb. Homosexuality is also the law of the land, their wickedness protected by the twisting of laws.

These are just a few of the wicked immoral things that have happened in this great U. I could name many other open sins that will bring the judgment of God upon us.

Now should God judge the United States, and remove His hand of blessing from us? He removed His blessings from Israel, and He will just as surely remove His hand of blessing from us. I read this promises of God to Israel, knowing that God is very able to bless any nations that obeys His Word. Israel is supposed to be above every nation. Every nation is supposed to honor and praise Israel. The only thing required of Israel is that they obey the commandments of God. I read these warnings God gives to Israel, knowing that God is very able to curse any nation that disobeys His Word.

God will bring Israel into Babylonia Captivity. Israel went against the commandments of God thus will and is suffering the judgment of God. This is why Hitler was so against the Jews and caused the Holocaust. Israel is scattered to all nations becomes a byword. Israel has become a byword.

The nations of this world have been blinded and given into the hand of Satan. Luke Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, saying to him that all these kingdoms had been given to him, and he could give them to whosoever he desired.

The point of this passage is that even though all nations have been given to Satan to use as he sees fit, all nations will finally turn back to God and give glory and honor to Him. Isaiah ,8 records that there has been a vail a covering cast over all the people, over all nations.

Satan uses this covering lack of understanding about Israel and God as a means to coax all the nations of the world to go against Israel. All nations will be deceived by Satan.

When all nations come against Israel, they will have no trouble, because God will cause them to not break as small a thing as a shoe latchet. Israel will win the final battle because God is with her, and Satan is leading all the nations of the world.

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