What is the definition of gospel

what is the definition of gospel

gospel. adjective. Definition of gospel (Entry 2 of 2) 1 a: having a basis in or being in accordance with the gospel (see gospel entry 1 sense 1): evangelical ordained to the gospel ministry Christian . Gospel definition, the teachings of Jesus and the apostles; the Christian revelation. See more.

You should also tell your clients that the metrics reported in these tools are not to be taken for gospel. Because Gitlab makes money by selling software that helps programmers do their what is a data logger in science without a physical office, it also benefits from spreading its own, WFH brand of gospel.

Arthur Daniels, an year-old deacon who how to start a piece of descriptive writing to sing gospel songs, was living in an outdated nursing home when the pandemic arrived.

Carlson says early on, whenever Lee or Michael Dearing, one of her professors off Stanford, would give her a piece of advice, she felt like it was the gospel. As it currently stands, the Via Dolorosa follows the account given in the Gospell of John. I rest of the episode follows Carrie spreading the gospel of her indignance over the thoughtless goodbye.

And its mean-hearted message, in my opinion, has corrupted the social gospel. To get into that emotional state, she played gospel music her grandmother had played. We think of Christianity as sexless, this [ Gospel ] says that sex is sacred. The spread of the holy gospel and uninterrupted preaching went on until the return of the ambassador. The extent to which the man was lowered and lost in the risen Lord is especially revealed in the fourth Gospel.

I gib ten dollars toward de stated ls ob de Gospel de fus' year, and de peepil all call me Brudder Dickson. These are points that will help us signally in any attempt to understand such wnat story as the Gospel story of the Resurrection.

That the whole people will, in gospel times, be united in such a relation the voice of prophecy would seem to indicate. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for gospel definitipn Thesaurus. Set some time apart to test your bracket symbol knowledge, and see if you can keep your parentheses, squares, curlies, and angles all straight! Words nearby gospel goslinggo-slowgosmorego so far as togo southgospelgospeler drfinition, gospellergospel musicgospel oathGospels.

Words related to gospel faithtruthdogmacredobelieftruismveracitycreedauthoritytestamentactualitycertaintyverityscripturelast word. Example sentences from the Web for gospel You should also tell your what is the definition of gospel that the metrics reported in these tools are not to be taken for gispel. Want to know how to WFH better? God and my Neighbour Robert Blatchford. The Ordinance of Covenanting John Cunningham. Also called: gospel truth an unquestionable truth to take te word as gospel.

Black religious music originating in the churches of the Southern states of the United States. All rights reserved. Book Your Online Tutor Now.

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gospel - a doctrine that is believed to be of great importance; "Newton's writings were gospel for those who followed" doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought - a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school. It is the proclamation of the forgiveness of sins and sonship with God restored through Christ. It means remission of sins and reconciliation with God. The gospel is not only a message of salvation, but also the instrument through which the Holy Spirit works (Romans ). The gospel differs from the law in being known entirely from revelation. Sep 14, For almost two years now, I have been steadily gathering a number of definitions of the gospel in an ongoing series entitled Gospel Definitions. As far as I know, this is the largest grouping of gospel definitions on the internet today. This post includes links to dozens of definitions of the gospel. I have alphabetized the ones that are by name, and I have separated the ones Author: Trevin Wax.

Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. The Old Testament. Good news is proclaimed widely 1 Sam ; Psalm ; Isa ; , spread rapidly 2 Sam ; 2 Kings ; Psalm , and declared and received joyfully 2 Sam ; Psalm ; Isa ; Jer Where the message is gospel for Israelites and based on fact, the news is in every case but one Jer related to God the Savior.

Psalm celebrates his saving help. Kings and armies are scattered by the Almighty Psalms Psalms It is he who delivers David from his enemies 2 Sam The peace and salvation announced in Isaiah are won by his sovereign power "Your God reigns! The explanation for God's saving action lies nowhere but in God himself. In whatever measure Israel has paid for her past sins Isa , she remains a sinful people ; She is saved by divine grace alone There being no righteousness to reward, Yahweh Acts to create righteousness in Israel ; Isaiah Isaiah The penalty for sin is exacted not from Israel but from the Servant appointed to stand in her place Through the Servant's work, many will be justified ; those who possess no righteousness will be acquitted.

The joy that attends the gospel finds ultimate expression in the praise of God. The glad tidings of Psalm are recollected during a festal procession celebrating God's enthronement cf. Psalm The watchmen of Isaiah shout for joy over Yahweh's return to Zion. Psalm summons the whole earth to tell of Yahweh's salvation, to "bless his name" and "declare his glory. With the return of the exiles from Babylon, the salvation announced in Isaiah is but partly realized.

The foreign nations, far from becoming her fellow worshipers, remain Israel's oppressors. Israel's own unrighteousness was to persist; the Servant appointed to bear her iniquities has not yet appeared. At the close of the Old Testament, the inauguration of this new age is still awaited. The New Testament: Stage One. Except for Galatians and Hebrews , 6, the New Testament restricts gospel terminology to proclamations made during the time of fulfillment, when the salvation promised in the Old Testament is actually accomplished.

According to Mark the gospel "begins" not in the Old Testament but with John the Baptist, in whom Old Testament prophecy is fulfilled. The promised birth of John, Messiah's forerunner, is good news Luke John's own preaching is gospel, too Luke : it warns sinners of impending doom and urges them to repent before the axe falls ; it assures the repentant of forgiveness and membership in Messiah's community Messiah's own birth is announced as "good news of great joy" According to Romans the gospel promised in the Old Testament is actually given when Jesus comes see also Acts Jesus' gospel declares: "The time has come.

The kingdom of God is near" Mark God reigns eternally over all that he has made. Yet his will is not done on earth as it is in heaven; wrong, not right, prevails.

But these conditions are not final. With the coming of the kingdom, God's rule will be complete; wrong will be judged and right established. That kingdom is now being inaugurated: "The time has come" Mark a for Old Testament promises to be fulfilled.

The consummation of the kingdom is no longer a distant prospect; the full realization of God's rule is "near" Mark b. In the synagogue at Nazareth, Jesus reads from Isaiah "the Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor" Luke He has come to free the physically infirm, such as the blind and the leprous ; cf. He helps the materially poor, like the widow in Elijah's day ; cf. Luke Luke Yet the spiritually poor are primarily in view people broken and grieved by misery and poverty, oppression and injustice, suffering and death, national apostasy and personal sin, who in their extremity cry out to God to bring forth justice, bestow his mercy, and establish his kingdom Matt Jesus has come to usher in the kingdom, to rescue the lost, to liberate the enslaved, to cure the afflicted, and to forgive the guilty Mark Mark Mark ; ; Luke ; The coming of the kingdom is not the effect or the reward of human effort, but God's answer to the human predicament the gift of his favor Luke The explanation for the salvation of the poor lies nowhere but in the gracious God.

As the prodigal son recognizes, he is not worthy to be called his father's son; nothing he has done, not even his repentance, accounts for the father's love Luke In the parable of Matthew , it is owing to the goodness of the employer that the last workers hired receive a full day's wages.

The first debtor in Matthew has earned nothing but the right to be sold into slavery; instead the king cancels his enormous debt. The publican with nothing to offer God but a confession of sin and a plea for mercy is justified Luke The same holds true for the more virtuous among the poor, such as those described in Matthew Their virtue is real, not imagined.

Yet in keeping God's commands, they do not put him in their debt; they are simply doing their duty Luke Even the most merciful need divine mercy Matt ; for even those most zealous to obey God's law are unable to fulfill all its requirements Matt Grace depends for its exercise upon the inability of its objects Luke As the Israelites are a sinful people Matt ; Luke , Jesus proclaims his gospel to the whole nation Matt ; ; From the most respectable to the least, all are summoned to submit to God's rule, to come to the banquet he has spread Luke Salvation must be received to be experienced Mark While it is a gift that costs nothing, it is also a priceless treasure for which a wise person will sacrifice all else Matt The self-righteous and the self-sufficient must be jolted out of their false security and recognize their need of God Luke An announcement of liberation Luke is good news only to people who are enslaved and know they are.

Even the destitute and the afflicted must learn that it is being personally related to God as subject to sovereign and as child to father, which makes one "blessed" Matt Even those who are already "poor in spirit" in the sense defined above, are not really "blessed" until they acknowledge the truth of Jesus' claims Matt and commit themselves to a life of obedience on his terms Matt Throughout Jesus' ministry, the theme of his gospel remains the dawning kingdom of God Matt ; ; Luke ; , a message preached almost exclusively to Jews Matt ; Yet Jesus provides glimpses into what the gospel is to become.

He speaks of persons who make sacrifices "for me and for the gospel" Mark ; Jesus and the gospel are here associated in the closest way. We are moving toward the time when the Proclaimer of the gospel will become the Proclaimed. Mark and Matthew foretell the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom to the Gentiles. Mark indicates that Jesus and his death will be prominent themes in the worldwide gospel.

Here we have an indication of the cruciality of Jesus' death both for the provision of salvation announced in his gospel and for the launching of the mission to the Gentiles. God authors the gospel and authorizes its proclamation Acts ; ; Rom ; Gal ; ; 1 Thess God himself is an Evangelist, personally calling persons to salvation through his human agents Acts ; 2 Col ; Gal ; 2 Thess ; Rev Paul's gospel is both a witness to an expression of God's grace Acts ; Col , power Rom ; 1 Col , and glory 2 Col ; 1 Tim To accept the gospel is to turn to God Acts ; 1 Thess To disobey the gospel is to be deprived of the knowledge of God 2 Thess To trade the true gospel for a false one is to turn away from God Gal Risen from the dead, Christ again evangelizes Eph through his representatives Rom ; 1 Col ; ; 2 Tim Moreover, Christ has become the gospel's major theme.

This is repeatedly affirmed in Acts and in Paul's writings. Mark describes his whole book as "the gospel about Jesus Christ" Galatians speaks not of two gospels but of two mission fields; Paul apostle to the uncircumcised and Peter apostle to the circumcised are both entrusted with the "gospel of Christ" Gal , the message ordained for the salvation of Jews and Gentiles alike Rom The "different gospel" of Galatians and 2 Corinthians is not another gospel about Jesus, but a message about "another Jesus" not the real Jesus, but one who exists only in the minds and the message of its advocates.

On the other hand, to preach the true Christ is to preach the true gospel, however questionable one's motives Php ; to respond rightly to the gospel is to turn to Christ Acts ; Rom ; Gal The gospel bears witness to every aspect of Christ's saving work, from his birth and public ministry to his second coming and the last judgment.

But Christ's death and resurrection, the crucial saving events, are the gospel's most prominent themes. Mark's whole Gospel prepares for Passion Week. In Paul's gospel Jesus' death and resurrection are central 1 Cor , with the cross at the very center 1 Col ; Rom ; 2 Col Acts proclaims Jesus' death ; Acts Acts and preeminently his resurrection, the event by which he conquered death and was exalted as Lord and coming Judge ; ; According to 1 Peter the bearers of the gospel focused, as had the Old Testament prophets, upon "the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow" Paul declares Rom ; 1 Col the gospel to be "the power of God" not merely a witness to, but an expression of his power.

The gospel is no bare word but is laden with the power of the Holy Spirit 1 Col ; 1 Thess Thus it cannot be fettered 2 Tim The gospel effects the salvation it announces and imparts the life it promises.

The gospel offers salvation "through the grace of our Lord Jesus" Acts Paul testifies "to the gospel of God's grace" Acts The gospel is a witness to God's grace.

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