What is a second state pension

what is a second state pension

State second pension and Serps explained

Aug 30, The Second State Pension. You may have noticed that the more you earn the higher your National Insurance contributions become. Certainly the more you earn the more you contribute to the states coffers but some of your extra contributions go towards a top-up pension known as the State Second Pension. The second state or additional state pension was a top-up to the basic state pension. You can no longer build up any second state pension, but it is still an important part of the pension payment you'll eventually get when you reach state pension age. The additional state pension had .

The main what is a second state pension of this pensiom was to skew existing Additional Pension AP benefits in favour of low and moderate earners at the expense of higher earners and to extend access to include certain carers and people with long-term illness or disability for the first time. Any SERPS entitlement already built up is retained and revalued each year in line with the changes in average earnings that is, in "real" terms until State Pension Age.

It is then added to any Basic State Pension payable, and the combined amount uprated thereafter in line with the index of retail prices RPI. The accrual rates within each band of earnings are:. Earnings in the lowest band are treated as though they were actually at the threshold of the next band.

These percentages stzte the entitlement of employees who have contributed to the scheme for a full working life. This is defined as the number of years between age 16 and State Pension Age.

If the employee was over age 16 on 6 Apriltheir working life is defined as the number of years between 6 April and their State Pension Date. If an employed earner had annual earnings above the LEL they become part of State Pension scheme, and must pay some National Insurance contributions. However they could choose to leave the Additional Pension qhat of the State Pension by joining a private pension scheme or holding a private pension plan instead. This was called "contracting out".

Through a 'contracted-out employment' SERPS only scheme: If chosen to contract out by joining an employer's occupational pension scheme, both the employee and their employer paid reduced rate National Insurance contributions. When the employee retires their second pension then comes partly from the employer's scheme deemed funded from the lower rate of contributions collected being diverted to this purpose rather than the Additional Pension, although most people will continue to build up some entitlement to AP at the same time.

Because they will continue to pay some National Insurance, such employees will receive the difference between the higher level of the S2P and the sttae level of SERPS which they have contracted out from when they come to draw on their State Pension. This form of contracting out lasts as long as the individual remains a member of the employer's scheme - usually as long as they remain in a particular job. Once they leave a job, and resume employment elsewhere, they default to being 'contracted in', unless moving directly in to contracted-out employment elsewhere.

This rebate is intended to provide benefits broadly the same as the Additional Pension given up - that is, full S2P. Its value is therefore determined by reference to the individual's age and level of earnings that year but not directly by how much they may pay in National Insurance in that particular year.

This second form of contracting out occurs one tax year at a time - each year the individual has the option to elect to contract back into the full S2P Additional Pension. If an individual chose this sort of second pension, in lieu what is ctq in six sigma being 'contracted-in', it should give them roughly the same amount one would get from the Additional Pension. Whether it does or what is a memory page rests on the investment returns from the rebate being sufficient to purchase additional income usually in the form of an annuity.

One may still need to think about whether this predetermined level stxte pension would be enough to support the lifestyle one had planned when they retired. It was also possible secomd use a stakeholder pension or a personal pension plan to build up retirement funds without contracting out of the Additional Pension, but if this was done, they was no rebate.

Although the National Insurance rebate is intended to provide benefits broadly the same as the Additional Pension given up, there is controversy ssecond whether the rebates are sufficient based on current projections for how to become a software tester pdf returns and annuity rates.

Many IFAs and Personal Pension providers are now encouraging some or all of their customers to contract back in. Those who contract in gain the security of a what is mount rushmore famous for pension level which is not determined by investment returns or annuity rates but lose the flexibility to take their pension before state pension age, receive a tax-free lump sum payment on retirement.

One advantage of contracting out is that the funds are invested privately on behalf of the individual. This means that they are protected against future government changes to the pension system. In the government announced changes to both the Basic and the Additional Pension. Specifically it was announced that. From Wikipedia, the srate encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Additional State Pension, also known as the State Second Pension or SERPS, is extra money on top of your basic State Pension.

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You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. The second state or additional state pension was a top-up to the basic state pension. You can no longer build up any second state pension, but it is still an important part of the pension payment you'll eventually get when you reach state pension age.

People who retired before April get a combination of the basic and additional state pension in their weekly pay packet. People who have retired after this date get a combination of the two in a single payment - although the actual amount you'll get is a bit more complicated to calculate as we'll explain in this guide.

If you were paying in to the additional state pension before under Serps, only people who were working qualified for it. However, under S2P, which was designed to help people who are unable to work or on low incomes, the following people qualified:. People who weren't covered included the self-employed and those who have contracted out of the state second pension. Protected payments increase in line with inflation CPI inflation measured in September the previous year for the new April tax year rise.

How the state second pension was calculated was fairly complex, and there were different systems in place over different periods. Your state second pension was calculated differently between and , and and and We've spelled out below how you might have built up additional pension in the last year it was available, Earnings for each tax year are then 'revalued' as the you reach state pension age, usually to keep up with inflation.

They were then multiplied by the accrual rate for each band and divided by the number of years in your working life since to produce an annual additional state pension amount. This will be added to the previous years of state second pension Jane has built up, and go into her final state pension pay when she reaches state pension age.

The government previously allowed pension savers to 'contract out' of the additional state pension. The deal was quite simple - you paid less National Insurance or contributions were diverted and therefore you didn't get the additional state pension, and the money you saved in National Insurance was put into your workplace or private pension.

For more, visit our comprehensive guide on contracting out. If you were saving into a defined benefit pension scheme , sometimes known as a final salary plan, your employer was required to provide you with a 'guaranteed minimum pension' until that was as good as the state second pension you were giving up.

This type of contracted-out scheme pays a set amount when you retire, much like that you receive from your defined benefit pension scheme. If you were in a contracted-out defined benefit scheme, you and your employer paid a lower National Insurance contribution , but you gave up entitlement to the additional state pension in return.

Those affected will include current and former public sector employees civil servants, NHS employees , police officers, teachers and members of the armed forces. Until April , you could contract out of a defined contribution pension scheme in the workplace.

Both you and your employer continued paying National Insurance contributions at the normal rates, but some of these contributions were then rebated back into a private pension scheme, which were then invested on the stock market to grow your pension pot. The amount was known as your 'National Insurance rebate', to which the government added pension tax relief.

If your spouse or civil partner dies, you may be able to inherit part of their additional state pension. There are different arrangements for Serps and the state second pension. The maximum amount of Serps pension you can inherit depends on when your spouse or civil partner died. If they died on or after 6 October , the maximum Serps pension you can inherit depends on their date of birth. The table below outlines what you might be entitled to. If you want to find out how much state pension you'll get, you can get a free state pension forecast.

You can see it online, using the Check your State Pension service, or by phone at the Future Pension Centre on You can also apply for a forecast by post using this application form. Financial Services Limited. Financial Services Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Which? Limited and part of the Which? Money Compare is a trading name of Which?

Money Compare content is hosted by Which? Limited on behalf of Which? Pension tax relief calculator Pension lump sum withdrawal tax calculator Pension drawdown calculator State pension eligibility calculator Pension calculator - how much will I have? All 5 calculators. In this article. What is the state second or additional state pension?

Who qualifies for state second pension? How much state second pension will I get? How do I work out how much state second pension I'll get? What happens if I was contracted out of the additional state pension? Can I inherit state second pension? Where can I get help with my state pension? The additional state pension had various titles over the years.

Plan your finances. Use our pension calculators to build a financial picture for your retirement. Pension tax relief calculator Pension tax calculator Income drawdown calculator. Continue reading. How much state pension will I get? How do I qualify for state pension? New state pension. Pension credit explained. All 5 articles in guide. Five tips to boost your state pension payments.

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