What does the abbreviation gui stand for

what does the abbreviation gui stand for

10 rows Acronym Definition; GUI: Graphical User Interface: GUI: General User Interface (computing). 25 rows Looking for the definition of GUI? Find out what is the full meaning of GUI on.

GUIs are ubiquitous, yet you abbbreviation not even know what they are, and you almost certainly take them for granted. Still, the term is so integral to computing that it merits some explanation and context. Depending abbreciation how you define computing, it has been around in one form or another for a long time.

For example, instantaneous remote messaging was first achieved with the telegraph in Alan Turing's "a-machine" was devised in and was essentially an early calculator. However, neither of these seem much like computers today, largely because they lack a GUI.

GUI stands for "graphic user interface" or "graphical user interface. That is one question out of the way, but what is a graphical user interface? To understand that, we must understand the larger term "user interface. Related: What Are Desktop Shortcuts? If we look at any machine, it will have a way for users to interact with it. This part of the machine is the "user interface" or "UI.

A stopwatch how to format karbonn a1 a kitchen timer has a user interface, but it probably doesn't incorporate a graphic display component.

A touchpad for confirming a transaction at the store might consist only of a GUI as, as far as you are concerned, you do not interact with any part of the machine other how to stick pipe cleaners to paper the display.

Consider the device on which you read this article: your actions are displayed in realtime on the GUI, but you also use a keyboard or buttons to navigate other commands and functions. Just about every device that most people interact with these days incorporates a GUI, often to confirm or display thee as we use increasingly complex devices.

The what is the inverse in math few decades have seen more and more of these devices we use abreviation day incorporate a GUI. The Mother of All Demos primarily introduced word processing, including remote collaboration. While text-based navigation is typically excluded from definitions of GUI, the demo also included links and files.

Both of these are early examples of more creative computer architecture incorporating structures like windows and tabs. Engelbart was still well ahead of his time. That same year, the Xerox Alto became the first widely available computer to integrate modern GUI schemes.

From there, you could write a book tracking GUI developments from operating system to operating system. Between and now, computer interaction has become increasingly graphics-based to the point that many operations can be completed without any text at all. As with computers, digital displays existed on phones before what we call a "graphic user interface. However, they didn't allow interaction or feature graphic elements like the app icons in use today.

Inabbreviatio Blackberry became one of the first internet-connected mobile devices. While it did include the basic elements of a GUI, the display was monochrome, and it was navigated with a conventional keyboard. Inthe Palm Treo combined the Personal Digital Assistant with a cellphone to create a precursor to modern smartphones.

PDAs go back almost ten years earlier and mobile phones ten further, but both featured text or numerical menus rather than the graphic tiles introduced by the Palm Treo. The first touch screen smartphone, the iPhone, was announced in The graphic tile menus that make the basis of GUI were already a feature in mobile devices, as were touchscreens, albeit navigated with a stylus. The iPhone's breakthrough made the GUI almost the entire screen surface a graphical user interface for the device.

The touch-screen GUI that debuted with the iPhone paved the way for the ubiquity of this kind of interface that has since found a place in everything from automobiles to refrigerators. GUIs might sound perfect, but they have problems. It makes up its own category in software and usability testing. At first glance, a GUI toolbar might look neater than a text toolbar, but what happens if a user doesn't know what the graphics mean?

For a GUI to be effective, the icons displayed must effectively convey the actions they complete. Sometimes, GUI thr and usability designers solve this problem in almost comically antiquated ways. The "Save" icon on many applications is still a picture of a floppy disk, an artifact unfamiliar to many younger computer users. Similarly, when was the last time that you saw a "Delete" icon abgreviation old-fashioned metal lidded trash bin?

Furthermore, GUIs are what is selfishness in a relationship demanding in terms of computation and power than simpler interface models. One great example of this is the no-GUI boot. The no-GUI boot eliminates the loading bar on application start-ups.

Without also powering the GUI, the start-up process goes quicker, but you also can't tell if the system runs into problems. The graphic user interface has gradually been changing our lives for decades. The format replaces text or aabbreviation menu navigation with selecting illustrative icons, making devices more customizable and user-friendly. Moore's Law predicted processor development for decades, but is it now time for Koomey's Law?

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What Does GUI Stand for?

GUI: Government-University-Industry (partnership) GUI: Global Unique Identifier: GUI: Graphics. 20 rows What does GUI stand for? List of GUI definitions. Top GUI abbreviation meanings. GUI: Graphical User Interface: GUI: General User Interface (computing) GUI: Global Unique.

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