What does mff stand for

what does mff stand for

Definition. MFF. Multiannual Financial Framework (EU budget term) MFF. Marvel Future Fight (gaming) MFF. Male Female Female (cable connectors) . MFF: Marvel Future Fight (gaming) MFF: Midwest FurFest: MFF: My Football Forum (UK) MFF: Music for Films (Brian Eno album) MFF: My Fat Fingers (keyboarding).

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MFF: Milken Family Foundation. Community» Non-Profit Organizations. Rate it: MFF: Music For Freaks. Community» Music. Rate it: MFF: Military Free Fall. Governmental» Military. Rate it: MFF: Moanda, Gabon. Regional» Airport Codes. Rate it: MFF: Mycosis Fungoides Foundation. Miscellaneous» Foundations. Rate it: MFF: Minnesota Fast Freeze. Academic & Science» Meteorology. Rate it: MFF. MFF: Market Forces Factor (National Health Service; UK) MFF: Military Free Fall (parachuting) MFF: Military Families Fund (Canada) MFF: Mobile Field Force (Baltimore County Police Department) MFF: Military Front for Families. The meaning of MFF is: Male, Female, Female. Find more definitions for MFF on lovemeen.com!

By Plasmodium , November 17, in College Wrestling. Whats up with that? In so many opens across the country, guys just call it a day immediately after they get beat. I know in the case of the ESU open in which the MFFs were rampant the tournament ended extremely late and that's why there were so many. As far as the rest of the opens go I believe that there are a variety of reasons wrestles MFF. Although I am certainly not an advocate of MFF unless you are really injured in the same token it is a long season and rather than risk the chance of turning a "hurting" pain into an injury wrestlers and their coaches decide it best not to push the issue so early on in the season.

A lot of opens have very large fields. I don't think athletes need as many matches as a lot of opens require to complete the bracket. Athletes and coaches know this. I really think it is the youth wrestling mentality that you need to go out there and get a ton of matches. You don't. You make your gains in the wrestling room. Matches with outside competition are a gage and help you see different athletes. If you take a loss you've realized what you need to work on. I would say there is over wrestling when an athlete can literally go to one open and get half of their required number of matches needed to qualify a bid for the NCAA Championships.

If you expect an athlete to compete in multiple opens in a month, you shouldn't be surprised if they decide to default out on a few occasions. Brings me to what I posted in the ESU thread before it got locked, are opens good for the sport?? People crow all the time about building a fan base and then the ESU Open goes all day and all night for what?? Too many kids entered, too much disorganization, and most importantly an impossible to watch event.

Opens were never meant to be wrestled for the fans. They're for the kids and coaches. A few years back they technically became part of the season. If we geared the Opens towards the fans we'd have to exclude at least half the competitors. How is that better in the overall? When I see guys from the same school in the same weight there it seems a little over-entered is all.

Opens are a big part of the season regardless, I wouldn't dismiss the fact that they could do some things to be better. Football scrimmages don't count on your record nor factor into qualification for the post season. In fact, in D1 basketball, scrimmages between two D1 teams must be closed from the public and can not report the results. Honestly, why do redshirts need matches? They are deferring a year of competition. There is no reason they should be engaged in outside collegiate competition.

I know of no other collegiate sport that has a redshirt so ingrained to its DNA. I find it confusing that a redshirt could beat a collegiate starter on the cusp of earning a bid for their conference and the kid could fail to qualify for the NCAAs as a result of his winning percentage against D1 athletes falling from the loss. That was actually my point.

Up until a few years ago they didn't count. They suddenly decided they counted. Some coaches bring their teams to these in part to get enough bouts to count for rankings.

I might spend a full extra day outside of the actual competition trying to figure out who these people are. Some list themselves on a team but they're not on the roster. Some do the exact opposite. Some go by a first name formally but use a middle or abbreviated name there. I realize that because I just uploaded the ESU results I'm going off on a tangent but the NCAA blithely says tournament directors are responsible for uploading results.

I have no problem with that but shouldn't the coaches be responsible for identifying their own kids and bouts? I understand.

A lot of increased regulation in recent years. Great ideas always seem to involve other people performing the work required to make it happen Honest question: I have given it a lot of thought over the years and am still on the fence.

What do you think would happen if redshirts couldn't compete? Do you think talent would be distributed differently and there would be more parity in the sport? Or do you think top recruits would still go to a few top programs and just pay their dues in the room as they wait their turn? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. College Wrestling Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Plasmodium 1, Report post. Posted November 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Pinnum LordNelson Define Good For The Sport. Most non-competitors that come are there for one or two kids or one team. It's basically a scrimmage. Football teams scrimmage.

Nobody complains about that. Posted November 17, edited. I hear ya. Not technically a scrimmage however but I get your points. You are developing your studs of tomorrow I would hope. Edited November 17, by LordNelson. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

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