What do i need for my travel trailer

what do i need for my travel trailer

Travel Trailer Beginners Camping Guide

Jul 17,  · Depending on your personal situation and camping goals, there are a few other things you might need to pack in a camper trailer. For instance, your checklist might need to include things like toys for your kids, pet supplies, and any outdoor adventure gear if you’re taking on some epic new hikes, rock climbs, or kayaking stints during your . Jul 01,  · The stabilizer stands on the four corners of your travel trailer are a PAIN to put up and down manually, and the powered jack stands take FOREVER. The solution is simple. Bring your cordless drill with this bit attached to it (link to Amazon) and you can zip your .

One time I was just like you. I was part of the Travel Trailer Beginners Club! I hope it spares you the frustration of being a beginner RVer. First do a test run. Try on camping trailers for rent near you on RVShare.

We were total travel trailer beginners and were ready to hit the road. But we had so much to learn. Remember, one of the biggest benefits of a travel trailer is that you can leave all your camping gear packed. Sure, you have many new things to buy. Travel trailers are small enough! Now check the trailer numbers, usually found on the driver side of the trailer body. That how to play upwords instructions will give you a few how to add drop down menu in blogspot numbers.

Make sure none of those numbers exceed what your truck can safely tow. Sometimes the vehicle manufacturers are extremely generous in their tow how to exchange a propane tank. Follow them precisely and you might end up with a busted transmission or a burned out engine.

Trailer sway is a common problem when towing travel trailers. There are many ways to address it, like adding a sway bar or weight distributing hitch. You can also install suspension airbags on your truck. How to reset vip suitcase lock you have a lightweight trailer under 5, pounds and a heavy tow vehicle, try going without a sway bar. Just let your foot off the gas and drive straight.

If you have trailer brakes, lightly tap the trailer brakes remotely from your truck. New RVers usually struggle with backing up travel trailers. When you do, just remember two things:. Watch for tree obstructions. See, I live in a neighborhood with mature trees lining the streets. The tree versus RV collision caused some damage.

Drive slowly on steep mountain declines. Not just for safety but your trailer tongue is likely to hit the ground on a little depression. This can bend your stabilizers. Ask me how I know. As you begin to drive with your trailer, pay close attention to tight curves. Those caution signs illustrating a trailer tipping over are telling you something.

I highly recommend you go to an RV park for your first travel trailer outing. But RV parks are great for beginner travel trailer owners because they have full sewer, electric, and water hookups to make things stress-free. Leave boondocking for your second trip. Unhitching leave your tow vehicle free for driving kids to the lake or exploring the town. Most travel trailers have four stabilizers that prevent trailer bounce whenever someone walks inside.

Put them down unless you want the whole trailer shaking when your kid turns over in bed on the other side of the RV. Most travel trailers have 30 amp service, but some trailers have 50 or 15 amp service. Each amperage requires a different connector. Forgot to bring the right adapter? One of the best is the Champion 3, watt generator which is robust enough to power your air conditioner. Even with a heavy-duty generator, how to slim down calfs care when the air conditioner is running.

Running the microwave at the same time as the air conditioner would require a VERY large generator. Are you planning to boondock on your trip with a portable generator? Most generators of about 3, watts require 1. Be sure to bring along plenty of extra gasoline. Even if you have a quiet generator like the Champion I recommend above, always take your generator as far away from the trailer as possible to keep things quiet. The lights in your trailer, the fans for the heater, the slide, powered jacks, the ceiling vents, and anything else will work on battery power.

For example, we have two batteries on our trailer, and we can only run our heater for about 3 hours. Then we need to turn on the generator to charge up the batteries. It only takes about an hour to charge our batteries. Watch your battery usage to preserve their life span.

If you do, recharge them. When you load your RV at your house, fill the fresh water tank. Your black and gray tanks should be empty when you begin your trip. Instead, we filled up the fresh water tank at home. We drove with a full fresh water tank to the camping area.

Later we learned there was a nearby RV dump station with free drinking water. Now we fill up there to stay within our safe weight limits and avoid hauling excess water weight. Trailers come with a variety of water tank sizes. My trailer has a relatively large 43 gallon fresh water tank. If me and my wife take short showers one morning out of our, we can last 2. With more dry camping experience you can learn the best ways to conserve water. I expand on this topic in my article about how many gallons of water an RV can usually hold.

Your RV needs a dump hose. This dirty job is easier and less messy if you buy a high quality foot long RV sewer dump hose. A clear sewer connector elbow makes it easy to see when the tanks are done emptying. Ideally, your campground has full hookups for your first travel trailer camp out. If not, you may discover that what do i need for my travel trailer an RV dump station takes some research.

Some municipalities have free dump stations near the wastewater processing plant. Gas stations may have them too, but charge a fee to dump. Bring cash. I always buy extra cooking and camping supplies to leave in the RV. This makes it more fun to get home. Just bring in your dirty clothes and perishable food. Hope you found this post helpful. I agree that you need to find out how much your vehicle can tow before you get a travel trailer.

It would make sense to find something that is haulable by your car as well. What about using full-service sites. The tank needs the water to break down solids and additionally uses the water to flush the BLACK tank when you open it. The GRAY tank is mixed emotions for many campers. But your drains all have traps which contain water and will stop the gasses from returning. Additionally there are vents to your roof to allow the gasses to escape. Watch your levels and drain accordingly. I never considered that you can just leave your camping equipment in the trailer between trips.

This would be a great way to save ourselves the trouble of having to pack for each trip. Thanks for sharing! Great tips. Never done this before. Scared but exciting. Any tips on groups, gatherings in MA I can connect how to link your xbox 360 to your computer My husband has been trying to talk me into buying an RV.

It seems like a nice idea since we do like travel and camp a lot. I am getting ready to look for a light weight camper to pull with my SUV. I have an appointment in a couple of days with the Camper World in my area. I would like to hear more about your buying experience with them since I it was not a good one. Thank you! My husband and I have been excited about getting an RV.

Travel Trailer “Must-Haves” for Easy Camping, All the Time

Trucks in Chevy’s series can be equipped with a tow package that gives them a maximum load capacity of 11, pounds, making them suitable for heavy travel trailers. If the vehicle is outfitted with a larger engine (like the L V8), the tow rating .

We were cleaning out and re-organizing our RV and realized how much stuff we had purchased to fully equip our RV. Some of our gear was to make life convenient and comfortable and some of it was essential equipment or camper accessories we needed right away.

We tried our best to offer the best tips and guidance to make RV living as easy as possible. The video below is a good guide for all of the best RV accessories we highly recommend before you go out for the first time in your new travel trailer or motorhome. You will want to keep a few things in mind when buying a sewer hose. First of all, you should consider the hose length.

Second, look for a hose with a clear or translucent elbow so you can see when the hose is empty before you disconnect it. Third of all, not all sewer hoses are the same.

Some are much stronger than others and will withstand you occasionally stepping on the hose without it cracking or breaking. Finally, most RV, camper or travel trailer bumpers are designed to store the sewer hose. So, try to find a hose where the attachments will fit in the bumper too. Whenever you are dumping your holding tanks you want to be sure to wear gloves to avoid contact and keep clean.

There are a few things to consider before buying gloves. First of all, they should be nitrile and not latex. Nitrile is more puncture resistant than latex and there are no latex allergy concerns with nitrile, which is a synthetic rubber product.

Second, your gloves should be long and heavy duty. I suggest at least 6 mils in thickness but 8 mil is better. The last thing you want is for your glove to rip while working with your sewer hose. Third of all I recommend disposable gloves. Just use them and lose them. I like the neon orange 8 mil nitrile gloves by Gloveworks. This brand has great reviews and the gloves have a diamond grip pattern too.

They work great. Not only does it work the best but it also lasts the longest. It is hands down the best product on the market. Better to learn this lesson sooner rather than later! But even more importantly than that is the softness of the toilet tissue. Many biodegradable toilet tissues are one-ply and not very soft or comfortable to use.

A dedicated fresh drinking water hose is not a green garden hose. Water quality is the biggest concern when it comes to finding a good fresh water hose.

It goes without saying but never store your water hose and sewer hose in the same storage compartment. Or at least keep the sewer hose in a sealed container of some kind if you do. One, the end of my fresh water hose is metal and seems to be wearing out the plastic city water intake.

And two, the fresh water hose screws into the city water intake at a degree angle which stresses the plastic city water intake and causes the fresh water hose to partially kink. So, for a few bucks, we invested in a 90 Degree Water Hose Elbow to alleviate these two problems and it works great.

A good water filter will not only make your water taste better but it will also make your water safer to drink. Water filters can remove the taste of chlorine, and also remove contaminants and sediment too. When looking for a water filter try to find one that is in line, which means it connects between your fresh water hose and your RV.

Also, try to find one with a flexible hose protector to prevent stress and strain on the hose connection points. An RV water pressure regulator is a small, but useful, device that keeps the psi of the water entering your RV down to a safe level to prevent plumbing pipes from developing pressure leaks.

What is the proper psi for your RV? The recommended water pressure for newer RVs is around 60 psi, and 50 psi for older ones. The water pressure can vary quite a bit from campground to campground and without a gauge, you will have no idea what the water pressure is when water is entering your RV. You can try to guestimate the amount of pressure by adjusting the water spigot but you will regret that decision once you see a leak pop up.

You want to buy an adjustable water pressure regulator with a gauge so you can know the water pressure and adjust it if necessary. Also, you will want to make sure you buy a safe brass product that meets the low lead requirements for safe drinking water. A good surge protector prevents the power voltage to your RV from either dropping too low or surging too high.

This one investment that can literally save you thousands of dollars. There are many surge protectors on the market but the Progressive Industries 30 amp and 50 amp surge protectors always have the best reviews and ratings and we agree. We like these Short Queen sheets on Amazon because they are inexpensive, a darker color, good quality with deep pockets to cover our mattress and our foam mattress pad and we keep them in our RV.

Rinsing our black water tank after dumping has always been a hassle. It took forever to fill the black tank with water to flush it out. We would have to hold the toilet valve open or drag a hose through the RV window to fill the black tank through the toilet. But now flushing the black and gray water tank is super easy. We just use the Rhino Blaster and connect a hose to it to quickly and easily fill and flush the black water tank.

The key is to buy the Rhino Blaster with the Gate Valve. Anyway, this is a great item that is easy to use and has made maintaining our black tank a breeze. We absolutely recommend this product! If you plan to spend more than a weekend at a time in your new RV, camper, travel trailer or pop up them we recommend getting a good quality RV mattress pad.

We bought a mattress pad which was basically a top sheet with polyfill quilted in. It gave no support whatsoever. Get an actual 4-inch thick memory foam mattress topper. We have a memory foam mattress pad at home and in our RV and we sleep great! But sometimes it is just too hot inside the RV to do that. We wished we had more windows to open to get more airflow. So we figured we could at least get a windshield visor to keep some of the heat out of our RV during the day and that way maybe it would be cooler at night.

While we were searching for a windshield visor we found the perfect solution to our problem. The new windshield cover we found has side window screens built into it so we can roll down the driver and passenger side windows and get much more airflow without bugs flying into the RV!

And, it also reduces the amount of heat that enters the RV. Another great benefit of our windshield cover is that we no longer need to use the privacy curtain. We can also use the front seats for storage while we camp. And, without the privacy curtain up, the inside of the RV feels much larger too.

I hate it when my head is lower than my feet. Susan calls me the princess and the pea! Anyway, you want your camper to be level for sleeping purposes and just to be comfortable while walking around inside your camper too.

They have been the industry standard for over twenty years. Plus you can snap them into place with the leveling blocks above for perfect leveling every time. We run into this problem when we camp in National and State Parks because they typically have no electricity and they do have generator quiet times to deal with. So, we discovered the propane percolator coffee maker.

We just use it right on the stove top in our RV kitchen! Just put in the filter, coffee and add water. Turn on the propane and in a few minutes we have fresh hot coffee. One other nice benefit is that we can control how fast it percolates. We like strong coffee so we use a lower flame setting to boil the water more slowly and it makes stronger coffee this way.

A good first aid kit is a must-have item in your camper — just in case. Some of the features to consider are if it is lightweight and compact so you can take it with you when you are off hiking, biking or fishing. We like the Swiss Safe 2 in 1 First Aid Kit because it is stocked full of the essentials and it is very light and compact. A good emergency roadside kit is a must and should include jumper cables, a tow rope, road reflectors, flashlight, first aid kit, and much more.

The tow rope and jumper cables are the most important though. Some emergency roadside kit s even include gloves, a flint fire starter, emergency blanket, a multi-tool and so on. All of these items can come in handy in case you have a flat tire on a busy roadway or in the middle of nowhere.

The Roadside Rescue Emergency Kit has everything you could possibly need and it also has a 5-star rating on Amazon. All kinds of moisture can build up inside your camper from cooking, showers, humidity in the air and more. We just open one up and keep it in the RV at all times and it lasts for about 45 days.

Sometimes the distance from your camper to the ground is just a little too far and it can be uncomfortable or unsafe especially when you are carrying things in and out of your camper. We find that a good quality step makes a huge difference.

Here are some important features that you should look for in a good adjustable step :. Our RV floors used to get dirty pretty quickly. We almost always take our shoes off when we walk inside the RV but we were still tracking some dirt inside.

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