What did obama do today

what did obama do today

Early life and career of Barack Obama

In veiled shot at Trump, Obama urges rejection of leaders who feed 'climate of fear and hatred'. Nov 16,  · Like we did." Obama and Education. In May of , Obama unveiled plans for his own future presidential center in Chicago. He painted a picture of .

The first cocktail party at Barack Obama's new office last month was certainly more casual than any he had how tall is turtle from entourage in recent years. The wine bore a random assortment of labels, as if assembled potluck-style. The self-serve appetisers were set out in the narrow hallway.

The host, tieless, eschewed formal remarks, as a few dozen of his old administration officials - Joe Biden and former chief of staff Denis McDonough, as well as more junior ones - mingled in a minimalist wood-paneled suite that could be mistaken for a boutique law firm. As the dinner hour drew near, the former president exited with a familiar excuse, Velz recalled: "He was joking if he doesn't get back to Michelle, he's going to be in trouble.

So far, Obama is trying to approach his post-presidency in the same way as his cocktail-hosting duties - keeping things low-key, despite clamouring from Democrats for him to do more. But the unprecedented nature of this particular post-presidency means his respite could be brief. Even while taking some downtime at a luxurious resort in the South Pacific last week, Obama put out a statement urging Republicans not to unilaterally dismantle his signature health care law.

Not only are the Obamas still young and unusually popular for a post-White House couple, their decision to stay in Washington while their younger daughter finishes high school has combined with the compulsion of the new Trump administration to keep pulling them back into the spotlight. President Donald Trump has repeatedly invoked his predecessor to blame him for the "mess" he says he inherited: "jobs pouring out of the country," "major problems" in the Middle East and North Korea.

A post-election show of camaraderie has ended; the two have not spoken since Trump took office. Trump dropped any remaining veneer of politeness this month with a series of tweets accusing Obama - without offering evidence - of illegally surveilling Trump Tower during the campaign. Obama was privately irritated at the allegation, which the director of the FBI and lawmakers from both parties dismissed as unfounded. He has attempted to stay above how to tape my hands for crossfit fray, watching from the sidelines as Republicans have pressed to unravel a slew of his initiatives - and emphasising the need for a new generation of political leaders to step up in his place.

And yet, while other recent ex-presidents have devoted their retirement years to apolitical, do-gooder causes, Obama is gearing up to throw himself into the wonky and highly partisan issue of redistricting, with the goal of reversing the electoral declines Democrats experienced under his watch. Both the continued interest in Obama and his desire to remain engaged in civic life place him in an unusual position for a former president.

George W Bush left office with low approval rates, retreating to Dallas to write a memoir and take up painting. Bill Clinton decamped for New York on a somewhat higher note politically but downshifted to a mission of building his family's foundation and supporting his wife's political career.

Can how to make pop can planes Obamas put their heads down and build their ambitious presidential centre while living only blocks from the White House?

Or is it inevitable that he will get pulled back into the political swamp? They slipped into the theater after the lights went down and left before they came up, most of the audience unaware of his presence - until a New York Times reporter sitting in front of what is an ova file tweeted about it.

By the time Obama left, a crowd had gathered outside. Paparazzi wait outside of the DC SoulCycle exercise studio that Michelle Obama frequents, though she clearly does not appear interested in being photographed.

It actually started not just eight years ago but really since his convention speech - and it never let up," said a former senior West Wing staffer. That's been a big load for the both of them. To escape the spotlight, the Obamas have taken multiple vacations since leaving the White House - to Palm Springs, the Caribbean and Hawaii. After meeting with tech executives about his presidential centre recently, Obama headed to Oahu, where he golfed with friends and dined at Buzz's Lanikai steakhouse in Kailua.

He plans an extended stay there to start writing his White House memoir, according to a person familiar with his plans who asked for anonymity to discuss them. His whereabouts have been obsessively scrutinised. The conservative Independent Journal Review hinted at some murky connection between Obama's Oahu visit and a Hawaii federal court ruling putting a temporary stay on Trump's latest travel ban; the conspiratorial story was later retracted.

At a GOP dinner, Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa, declared that Obama stayed in Washington "to run the shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda. Trump, meanwhile, has kept his distance. Before he took office, the new president said he intended to seek Obama's counsel in the future, but he has not. Trump called once to thank Obama for the letter left what is this big red bump on my face his desk, a pleasant tradition among presidents, but Obama was traveling at the time, according to an individual familiar with the exchange.

When Obama returned the call, Trump conveyed his thanks through an aide but said there was no need to get Obama on the phone. Few believe the Obamas plan to stay in Washington beyond their daughter Sasha's graduation from Sidwell Friends School. If they had still been in grade school or high school, I might have well made the decision to stay in the city. When Obama has been in town, he has not been much of a public presence. Both he and the former first lady have entertained friends in their Kalorama home, newly redecorated to suit their modern style; and both frequently go into in their new West End office space.

About 15 staffers work there, with the framed flag that the Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden presented to the former president displayed in the entryway. One floor of the new office houses aides, including Jarrett, who are helping to build Obama's foundation, which is headquartered in Chicago. For now, Obama is delegating political work to associates - notably former attorney general Eric Holder, whom he has tapped to lead the redistricting project that aims to help Democrats redraw legislative maps that many see as tilted toward the GOP.

He also endorsed Tom Perez, his former secretary of labor, in a successful bid to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee. His first major speech as a private citizen will come in May, where he will be awarded a Medal of Courage as part of a celebration of President John F.

Kennedy's centennial. Michelle Obama, who has a team of four how to redeem an itunes code in the office, is spending more time than her husband in Washington, working on her own post-White House book while remaining focused on the home front.

All of that comes first," said Tina Tchen, her White House chief of staff. Her first forays back into public have been visits to DC public schools in predominantly minority neighbourhoods.

These visits have drawn extra attention, perhaps because Melania Trump has held very few public events so far. Michelle Obama marked International Women's Day this month by visiting the Cardozo Education Campus and praising its program for recent immigrants.

Without mentioning Trump by name, it seemed to be a swipe at his immigration policies. She likes to be strategic," said Jocelyn Frye, who attended Harvard Law with the former first lady and served as her first White House policy director. Unlike other former first couples, the Obamas do not necessarily have to take to a podium to make a statement. They know their every public movement is plumbed for meaning. Caught in glimpses over the past few weeks, they appeared relatively rested and refreshed, even as they continue to decompress.

They joined their close friends Anita Blanchard and Marty Nesbitt at the National Gallery of Art to see an exhibit of Chicago artist Theaster Gates's unique work - installations constructed from pieces of demolished buildings from African American communities. Gallery director Earl "Rusty" Powell Powell described it as a "casual Sunday afternoon visit" - but someone alerted the Associated Press, which stationed a photographer outside to capture them as they emerged.

The former president's leather jacket and dark-washed blue jeans drew much approval from outlets that had showered the Obamas with attention for years: "Chic and serene," opined a Vogue writer. Obama was similarly "relaxed and calm" when he dropped in on a Chicago meeting with community organisers planning his future presidential library, according to participant Torrey Barrett. He said he and Michelle's main priority now is to make sure the library happens.

When the group posed for a photo with Obama, the Rev. Richard Tolliver, who has known him since his days in the Illinois legislature, stood to his old friend's right. We laughed. He didn't come off as stiff and formal, projecting the authority of his former office.

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The 2020 Election

Barack Hussein Obama II (/ b ? ? r ?? k h u? ? s e? n o? ? b ?? m ? / b?-RAHK hoo-SAYN oh-BAH-m?; born August 4, ) is an American politician and attorney who served as the 44th president of the United States from to A member of the Democratic Party, Obama was the first African-American president of the United lovemeen.com previously served as a U.S. senator from. Mar 30,  · So far, Obama is trying to approach his post-presidency in the same way as his cocktail-hosting duties - keeping things low-key, despite clamouring from Democrats for him to do more. "He is Author: Krissah Thompson. Obama also met much of the city's black political leadership, although he didn't always get along with the older politicians, with friction sometimes developing over Obama's reluctance to spend money and his insistence on results. "He really did it, and he let other people take all the credit", Schmidt later said.

Times have changed a lot since Obama exited the White House in January of , and while he may have left his career in politics behind, the 44th President of the United States is keeping busy. Here's what he's been up to:. Like his wife, Michelle, Obama signed a record-setting book deal after leaving the White House in for his memoir with publisher Penguin Random House. While Michelle's book, Becoming , debuted in November of to enormous fanfare, selling more than 10 million copies worldwide to become one of the most successful memoirs ever, Obama's own venture, A Promised Land , has only recently been released.

The memoir, which explores his experiences from his early political aspirations to his historic win in the presidential election, is expected to be the first of multiple volumes covering his political career.

The former president is said to have written the book himself—rather than with a ghost writer—in longhand on legal pads, a method he employed on a number of his presidential speeches and his first book, Dreams from My Father.

While Obama chose to hold off on publicly endorsing a candidate in the election for several months during the primaries, in April after his former Vice President Joe Biden emerged as the party leader, Obama shared a video where he commended Biden as a leader and offered his official endorsement. He said, in part, that he admired, "The kind of leadership that's guided by knowledge and experience, honesty and humility, empathy and grace.

That kind of leadership doesn't just belong in our state capitals and mayors' offices. A post shared by Barack Obama barackobama. In the months leading up to the election, Obama took on an active role in campaigning for his friend and former running mate, appearing in videos and stumping for him at socially-distanced in person events and on social media. After Biden was announced as the president-elect on November 7, , Obama was one of the first world leaders to take to social media congratulating him on his win.

Barack and Michelle Obama have been developing a much broader portfolio of projects since leaving the White House. In , they inked a deal with Netflix to produce a set of films and series for the streaming service under their new production company, Higher Ground Productions. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series for Netflix, potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.

The company's first production, American Factory , debuted in A documentary centered on an abandoned General Motors plant which was reopened in Ohio by a Chinese billionaire, the film took home an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. The following year they debuted Becoming , a documentary following Michelle during the tour for her book of the same name. Blights's the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography about the famed abolitionist, a drama series set in post-WWII New York, and a children's education program about food.

On May 7, Obama received the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, a prize given to elected officials "who govern for the greater good, even when it is not in their own interest to do so. In August of that year, he was spotted on Harvard University's campus with Michelle, moving their oldest child, Malia, into her dorm room.

He later revealed that he got emotional when dropping her off. It was rough. In the first episode of David Letterman's Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction , he expanded on the story, telling the host he was almost no help at all moving Malia into her dorm room. It only had, like, four parts, and I'm just sitting there, toiling at this thing for half an hour.

He also returned to some of the less touching moments of life as a regular citizen, like jury duty. In November of , the former president returned to Chicago to do his civic duty. Like other former presidents George W.

Bush and Bill Clinton, President Obama was not actually selected for a jury. In June of , Barack and Michelle watched their youngest daughter, who just turned 18 on the previous week, take part in the graduation ceremony for Sidwell Friends —the exclusive D. The Obamas met up with their close friends, the Bidens, at the ceremony, as the Biden's granddaughter Maisy, is a good friend and classmate of Sasha's.

A post shared by Sidwell Friends School sidwellfriends. For his first adventure post-White House, the former president had a month-long, star-studded trip to French Polynesia during which he hung out with the likes of Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks.

He touched down in Tahiti and reportedly checked into the Brando , a resort on the private French Polynesian atoll, Tetiaroa, which was once owned by Marlon Brando. It was a summer residence for Tahitian royalty before the late actor purchased it in after first visiting to film Mutiny on the Bounty. He has also spent significant time touring Europe, both for work and pleasure, golfing at prestigious Old Course at St Andrew's in Scotland, appearing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to discuss democracy, vacationing in Italy with Michelle, and even stopping over at Kensington Palace.

In , he also took his wife and daughters on trip to Bali. Obama has a deep connection to Indonesia; he lived there as a child starting in , when he and his mother moved to the country's capital, Jakarta. Obama moved back to his birthplace of Honolulu in During the games, Obama was interviewed by the Prince. Obama addressed life after the White House and said, among other things, that the issues he cared about while in office are still important to him:.

In May of , Obama unveiled plans for his own future presidential center in Chicago. He painted a picture of a buzzing hub for youth and community programs on the city's South Side where he raised his family and launched his political career.

The plans revealed that the future , square foot Obama Presidential Center will feature three structures, including a tower-like museum and tree-lined walkways. The Obama Foundation displayed drawings and a miniature model of the center, which will also include a public plaza and classrooms. The facility was originally anticipated to take about 4 years to build, but it is not yet clear how the COVID pandemic may have altered those plans. The 44th president is said to command one of the highest rates for speaking engagements among former presidents.

The fee is equal to the salary Obama received as president and twice what former President Bill Clinton has received for speeches , according to the New York Times. Former President George W. The news of Obama's fee immediately drew criticism from liberals and conservatives alike, and critics have pointed out how often the former president criticized big banks and the growing wealth inequality.

While it has not become clear in the subsequent years whether that number is Obama's standard, the former president has not wanted for speaking engagements a typical method by which many previous commanders in chief have paid their way after their time in office , regardless of the cost.

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