Pokemon heart gold kanto how to wake up snorlax

pokemon heart gold kanto how to wake up snorlax

How to wake up the snorlax!

Feb 04,  · i got to kanto and did everything in the 6 towns, but how can i get to the others. The way to cinnabar is blocked off/ because of a giant rock, and I cant get to pallet town because the cop wont let me go to pallet town through victory road snorlax is in my . Snorlax is blocking the entrance to the cave. To wake it up, turn on your PokeGear radio, and manually move the dot on the screen to the upper-middle. When you do that it will change to a PokeFlute station. Exit out like that and then talk to the Snorlax. It will wake up and fight you.

Wake Up Snorlax! The gang gets hungry and stop at a town to eat, but they discover there is no water to make food. Following the path, they discover a sleeping Snorlax, who blocks the river. The heroes and Team Rocket attempt to wake it up but constantly fail. Could the man they saw near the town be the solution? Ash, Misty, and Brock are heading to another town with Pikachu fast asleep in Ash's backpack.

They meet a hippie who is playing a song on a Poke Flute which wakes up Pikachu. The Hippie asks Ash and his friends if they have any food to give him. They don't have any food, so they walk away. The Hippie says, " Oh well, another free concert.

As Team Rocket walks away, the Hippie says they should learn to respect their elders. Ash and his friends reach a town, only to find that there's no food in the town or any ingredients for cooking any food. The mayor of the town gives Ash and his friends a little bit of food and explains that the nearby river has dried up and has killed off all of the town's crops.

Ash and his friends go to the river to see why the river dried up. They have to go through some thorns and Misty cuts her arm on one. Ash has Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf to get through the thorns.

They discover the reason the river dried up is because it's blocked off by a huge, sleeping Snorlax. Ash and his friends try to wake up Snorlax, but have no success. Team Rocket shows up to steal Snorlax. Ash and his friends decide to help them steal Snorlax because if Snorlax moves, it will unblock the river.

Team Rocket how to retrieve deleted inbox messages on outlook putting cables on Snorlax and attaching them to their pokemon heart gold kanto how to wake up snorlax, but it what do i do if i lost my ssn card work.

They try using alarm clocks, bullhorns, and buckets of water to wake Snorlax up, but nothing works. Brock suggested Misty use her Horsea but Snorlax ended up getting kissed by Psyduck instead. Team Rocket tries to get Meowth to kiss Snorlax but both are disgusted after the kiss.

Snorlax then rolls over and a card stuck to it appears. The card says that the only thing that will wake Snorlax up is music from a Poke Flute. Team Rocket remembers that the Hippie had a Poke Flute and they decide to ask the Hippie to help them. Ash and his friends get into a fight with Team Rocket over who gets to get the Hippie's help.

Jessie grows tired of the back and forth, so she sends out her Arbok. Ash counters with Pidgeotto and immediately commands Pidgeotto to use Gust. The ensuing attack causes both a tornado and Arbok slam into the trio. Jessie, James, and Meowth scream and fly around inside the tornado as it carries them off into the distance.

Ash and his friends take the Hippie to Snorlax and the Hippie tells them that he owns Snorlax. The Hippie plays a song on his Poke Flute and Snorlax wakes up and walks off. But the river still isn't flowing and they discover that a patch of thorns is blocking the river.

Ash and his friends start to get rid of them when Snorlax starts eating the thorns. Ash and his friends are surprised and the Hippie explains that thorns are Snorlax's favorite food. Snorlax eats up all of the thorns and the river starts flowing again. The mayor is happy and he throws a banquet in their honor. In the forest, Team Rocket is looking for Snorlax again. They find it, but it has gone back to sleep. They ask the Hippie when it will wake up and he says Snorlax won't wake up for a month.

The trio fall to the ground in exhaustion. The Hippie walks away and Snorlax rolls over, on top of the terrified Team Rocket. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

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You gotta fix the problem at the Kanto Power Plant then get the Kanto Radio Card to wake up that big blobby blob that is Snorlax Do Jewish vampires avoid crosses or Stars of David? User Info: saiga Then you go back to the gym an press a safty ring at the far side and your find a tube take it to the manager of the power plant then go to the lavender town radio tower and talk to the old man at the table he will give you a pokeflute on your radio card then go to snorlax at outside of vermilon city and and go to the top of the radio card and. May 09,  · the fly to lavender town and go to the radio tower in it an talk to somebody in there i think in the little room then he'll give you the kanto radio card the go where the snorlax is at then open the radio and move the little circle all the way to the top then snorlax will wake up and battle you he is in level 50 so save before you wake him up.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I took the boat over to Kanto, and I want to get to Pweter city, but it seems to be blocked off, and i don't know how to get there? But I have only defeated Lt. Surge from Fuschia city, is this a problem?

Also, there's a Snorlax in front of the cave. I was wondering how you move it? Or don't you? This will wake the Snorlax. Be sure to save before you fight the big guy, as he is really quite a find. He is also holding one of the best items in the game, the Leftovers.

Take Digglett's cave to Pewter city. Be sure you have a pokemon with cut, you'll need it once you get to the other side. Hi there. In the meantime, head to Celadon City and defeat Erika, go to Saffron City and defeat Sabrina, and head all the way down to Fuschia City and defeat Janine, then head to Lavender Town and go through the Rock Tunnel and continue on towards Cerulean City, but first, make a side trip around the fence and Surf east and south to the Power Plant and talk to the people inside.

One of the policemen will get a call about a suspicious person in Cerulean City as you are leaving the Power Plant, and after that happens, go find him in Cerulean City.

Once you've solved that crisis, head north and east to Cerulean Cape and talk with Misty, who will be there. Card from the Director of the Radio Tower there. Now, you can go wake up that Snorlax and head towards Pewter City :. You need to go through vermillion, then saffron, then get to cerulean. Go east and down to the cave and go through to Lavender town.

Once there you get an EXPN card which will give you the pokeflute channel. Use that to wake up the snorlax blocking diglets cave to get to Pewter city. He's inside the pokemon fanclub. It's actually inside the radio. Good luck. Pewter city is one of the last places you go to. Its like the third from last gym you can do. You can go to all of the others and go back to Pewter later. Snorlax Once you do all of the power plant stuff, go to the radio tower in lavender town - talk to the guy in the suit and he will give the updated radio card.

Then go to snorlax and then tune in your radio and move the tuning circle to the top Pokeflute channel - Its not a pre-saved place - you have to do it yourself. Trending News. USC's Song Girls have an ugly yet familiar story. George W. Bush reveals who won his vote. Fears oxygen may run out on missing submarine. Olympic athletes hit out at IOC over protest ban. George Floyd mural defaced with racial slur.

Lin now leading fight against anti-Asian hate. Singer who sparked 'invention of boy bands' dies. Ex-Kentucky hoops player, 19, dies in car accident. Tom Brady isn't a fan of the NFL's new number rule. I have Pokemon Heartgold and I defeated the elite four, and now im in kanto. How can I get to Pewter city? All routes are blocked off?

Yes, I am a pokemon noob in Kanto : If you could answer any questions, it would really help. Answer Save. Brutticus Force Lv 5.

Favorite Answer. Razorflame US Lv 7. Now, you can go wake up that Snorlax and head towards Pewter City : Hope this helps :. Fatefinger Lv 7. I'm going to go by memory. To get to Pewter you have to wake the sleeping snorlax. I think you do that by tuning into the kanto radio tower.

Er can't remember much but, You might have to get the magnet train pass first. You get it from helping a girl in Saffron city find her lost Pokedoll. She's in a pink house upstairs, can't miss her. Good luck I'll let you know if i can recall anything else. I hope this helps Its its wrong blame my brother lol. Daniel j. Get the Pokeflute. It'll wake the Snorlax and you'll win. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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