Paper clutter what to keep what to toss

paper clutter what to keep what to toss

How to Decide What to Keep or Toss When Decluttering

May 12,  · Here you can download the What Papers To Keep & What To Toss Guide. While I hope the guidelines empower you to let go paper clutter, I also want you to feel comfortable. Sometimes baby steps are best. Letting go of the excess paper in stages can ease the transition. Here are some simple ideas to help you eliminate paper clutter. And don’t. Jan 17,  · Clutter doesn’t just accumulate in our refrigerators, on our bookshelves, and in our closets; clutter piles up, bunches together, and spills out of file folders and desk drawers. But it doesn’t have to. There’s no reason you need to keep all those paper documents! Reasons to Get Rid of Paper Clutter: 1) E-BILLS.

Paper clutter everywhere! Piles on your desk. Your kitchen counter. In your clufter. Yes, much of that paper is necessary. You need your registration and insurance certificate in the car. You need your client files at work.

Wondering if you should keep it. Here is a list of simple questions you can ask kedp to determine whether you need to keep a piece of paper:. These how to get comcast to lower your bill will go a long way toward helping you clear your ADHD paper clutter, but only if you put them to work.

Where to start? Pick a small pile of paper from a cluttered area. Look at each piece of paper and ask the questions above. Before you know it your ADHD paper clutter will be significantly reduced.

A failing file system is a sure source of frustrating paper clutter. Paper clutter makes life harder than it has to be. It increases stress and distracts you. Clutter melts wjat focus. It makes you feel bad about yourself. Disorganized files cause family feuds and frustration. Click here to learn more. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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No Spam. I promise! Understanding ADHD. Will you need it for filing your tiss or for any legal reason? Would you fail an IRS audit? Not collect your lottery winnings? If nothing dire would happen if you got rid of the piece of paper, get rid of it!

Is the information still current? Did the seminar or party already happen? Is it old news? The grocery ads from three weeks ago? Can I get the information somewhere else? I started organizing people in the dark ages before the Internet. In those days we used elaborate file systems to store reference information. With so much information a simple Google search away, you can get rid of most reference information.

Do I need to keep the whole thing? When in doubt, toss resource information. Join the thousands of others who are learning how to live successfully with ADHD! I hate spam too. Today I want to add filing system…. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Click Here to Contact Dana. Like Dana on Facebook :. Check Your Email for a Confirmation Link.

2. Talk to Your Business Partners, Clients, and Colleagues

Classroom clutter–what to keep and what to toss. Classroom Management, Teaching Tips & Resources, How do I know what to keep and what to throw away?” So, starting today, take another step forward toward going paperless, and be very selective about how many paper copies you keep and what items you allow into your classroom. Paper documents can be archived or scanned depending on their importance. 3. Go Through Your Existing Paper Clutter. Your existing paper is still going to need to be organized. Sort through the clutter that you have and categorize them. Important client documents, invoices, proposals, contracts, brochures, and more can be categorized.

Just me? Take a few hours on a Saturday to change paper mail to e-mail to avoid paper clutter once and for all. The documents you do need to keep can be scanned and saved in your hard drive. Not only do they take up zero physical space, but also, you can search for them in an instant although I still recommend organizing your digital files. The obvious reason for getting rid of paper bills and documents is because they take up too much space and you spend too much time tidying or searching through them.

So make sure you have a filing system, filing cabinet, and very clear, consistent labels. Whatever documents can be scanned, scan. Whatever can be shredded, shred. And remember to go through physical files and documents often. Any time you leave piles of work to accumulate, you only create more stress for yourself. A little bit every day keeps the craziness away!

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