How to reset vip suitcase lock

how to reset vip suitcase lock

How to Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination in 2020

Oct 26,  · How to change or Reset code of Luggage bags. Top rated and best seller luggage bags buy now Suitcase and bags_ Best buying links:AmazonAmerican Turistorhttp. Turn the shackle at a degree angle from the lock position: This is only if you have a padlock. The shackle is the U-shaped part. Then, push the shackle down outside of the lock. Reset the code and pull the shackle up: After the code is reset, all you have to do is turn it back to the lock position. But if you’re stuck with locked luggage and no combo, here’s what to try next.

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Learn more Luggage locks provide a sense of security in the knowledge that no one can get into your suitcase except for you. Cip, there are a few different methods you can try to open your lock and access the contents of your suitcase. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Push how to reset vip suitcase lock button on the lock to put pressure on how to protect bananas on the tree. Spin the first number dial until you hear a click. Put your ear up next to the lock and spin the first number dial one number at a time.

When you hear an audible clicking sound, leave the number in position. Rotate the second 2 dials until they click as well. Leave the first number in the position that you heard the click and move onto the second dial. Listen until you hear it click again, then move onto the third one. Slide the button on the lock to open it. Method 2 of Set your suitcase on a flat surface. If your combination lock has an opening at the top where you can see the circles spin, set your suitcase upright so you can look into the holes at the top of the lock.

Point a lamp or a flashlight at the suitcase so you can see into the lock. These combination locks usually have a plastic button on one side with the 3 number dials at the very top. The number dials have an opening where you can see the gears inside of the lock. Rotate the numbers until you can see the empty spaces in the circles.

Start spinning each number in a counterclockwise motion until you can see the divot in the side of the circles. The opening will be flat around suuitcase edges and hollow in the center.

Spin the circles 2 positions clockwise. This will line the opening up with the lock mechanism on the inside of your lock so what does the word elongated mean can open. Keep turning each dial 1 position clockwise until you can slide the button to open it up.

Slide the button to open the lock. Pull the button on the side of the lock to open up the sjitcase on the inside. Now you can access your suitcase! Take a look gip what position the numbers on the lock are at to figure out the combination. Write them down or take what kind of wine is cabernet sauvignon picture so you can remember the combination for next time.

Method 3 of Shine a light on your combination lock. Set your suitcase somewhere that you have plenty of lighting. Grab a flashlight or the light from your phone and shine it directly onto the lock so you can see all the details. These locks usually have a plastic or metal button on one side with the number dials in the very middle.

Look for the metal bracket on the side of each number suitcasf. Using your light to see, look for the metal bracket on the right side of the number circle. Take note of how it looks smooth and without any grooves on each of your numbers. Spin the circle until you see an indent in the metal bracket. Click one of the circles into a new position one time to show the next number in the sequence.

If it still looks smooth, keep clicking the what does a dragonfly mean spiritually one by one until you see a small opening in the bracket. Rotate each circle until all of the indents face upwards. Now you can work on the other 2 number circles to find the indents in their brackets. Keep moving the numbers one by one until all of the indents in all 3 brackets face upwards toward you.

Spin each circle suitcaase 5 times. Moving each number circle one number at a time, rotate them each 5 different times so that the grooves lock suutcase place. This will open up the mechanism on the inside of the lock so that you can open it.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If all else fails, you can try every combination for a 3-digit lock in about 30 minutes. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0.

You can also try the factory setting for the lock. Check the manual, if you still have it, to see what the combination is to reset your code. Suiycase to work on a flat surface in a quiet environment so you can concentrate. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Trying to pry or break a lock can damage it beyond repair. Related wikiHows How to. How to. More References 5. About This Article. Co-authored by:. Co-authors: 4.

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Dec 11,  · Reset the button in by taping the locking mechanism or maybe press the black button which will unlock the luggage with a click of sound. Put a new combination of the digits and remember these three or four digits for the opening of the luggage lock. After adjusting the new code, flip the locking mechanism back to confirm the new digit combination. Nov 20,  · how to break the number lock of vip suitcase? i forgot the no lock of my suitcase which have three code line 0 to 9 digit please tell me how to open this with probality? Update: can some body tell me the combination? Answer Save. 8 Answers. Relevance. Xiumin. Lv 4. 9 . Starting with the first thumb-wheel of the lock, turn the wheel one click at a time until you see a notch in the disk as shown in the photos. Once you have lined up the notch of the first wheel you then repeat the process for the second and third digit until the notches of all three wheels are lined up (see the photo of the blue suitcase).

You put your suitcase on the bed and slowly turn the numbered wheels of the three-digit combination lock. You press the button to get access to your case but nothing happens. Getting locked out of your luggage is something that happens to even the most seasoned travellers at some time or another.

Luckily the ubiquitous, TSA approved, 3-digit combination locks used by brands such as Samsonite, Eastpack, Antler and American Tourister are easy to open without damaging either the lock or the case and without any special tools. By following the steps described below, you will be able to quickly open the lock and re-program the code to a new 3 digit combination which is easier to remember.

If you look closely at the lock from above, you will see that to one side of the 3 numbered thumb-wheels there is a small disk see photos below.

Select the video camera and shine the flash down into the lock then zoom-in to see the disks more clearly. Starting with the first thumb-wheel of the lock, turn the wheel one click at a time until you see a notch in the disk as shown in the photos.

Once you have lined up the notch of the first wheel you then repeat the process for the second and third digit until the notches of all three wheels are lined up see the photo of the blue suitcase. Repeat this 8 more times until you have a list of 10 3-digit numbers as shown in the photo below. When writing this article I used 2 different suitcases, both of which are fitted with TSA approved Travel Sentry combination locks. The locks are slightly different models but the procedure is identical.

I made the video using the older, blue, suitcase because the notches in the green plastic discs are easier to see than the notches in the black disks of the red suitcase. The code which opened the red suitcase was 2 clicks away from the position with the disks lined up. The code which opened the blue case was 8 clicks away. If none of the codes which you have written down work you should check that you lined the notches up correctly.

As can be seen in the video, there are normally two positions where the notches are visible. Make sure that all 3 notches are lined up in the same position. You can see that in the video I lined up the disks at the right-hand position.

The 3-digit combination locks used on suitcases are designed so that you can change the combination to a unique code which only you know. To do this, you have to first set the lock to the current combination. You then press a small button normally using a ballpoint pen which frees the numbered thumb-wheels from the locking mechanism currently in the open position. You can then turn the 3 numbered thumb wheels independently to a new combination before pushing the larger button the one which is used to open the lock.

This re-connects the numbered thumb-wheels to the locking mechanism, activating the new code. The method described above relies on the fact that part of the locking mechanism itself is visible the notched disks next to the thumb-wheels.

This makes the number shown on the knurled thumb-wheel pretty much irrelevant. Once the disks are aligned you simply need to rotate them around until the lock opens. The TSA Transportation Security Administration is a US federal government agency responsible for the security of travellers that was created in response to the September 11 attacks.

All luggage is scanned before being loaded into aeroplanes and if any prohibited items are detected it will be opened by airport staff and the items removed. TSA approved locks, identified by the red diamond shaped Travel Sentry logo, can be opened using master keys. The locks are often incorporated into suitcases but TSA approved padlocks are also available.

In theory the keys are only available to airport staff but in reality anyone with a 3D printer can print out their own master keys. As we have seen, the 3-digit combination locks fitted to most modern suitcases offer very little or no security. At best they stop your suitcase from opening accidentally during transit, preventing your dirty laundry from spilling out on the baggage carousel.

Some suitcases including the red suitcase in the photos have small metal hoops incorporated into the zip-pullers allowing you to use a padlock to lock your suitcase. As shown in this video , zip closure suitcases can be opened quickly and easily using a ballpoint pen.

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Once all three notches are lined up, turn the suitcase so you can see the numbers. Note, this is NOT the combination code. The notch is not visible on either disk Write down the numbers on the first line of a blank sheet of paper. On the next line add 1 to each digit. Try the codes one at a time until you find the one which opens the suitcase.

Once the case is open you can change the combination for one which is easier to remember. With practice, the entire procedure takes less than 2 minutes. The notch on the left disk is now visible How do Combination Locks Work?

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