How to play notes on a ukulele

how to play notes on a ukulele

Ukulele Lessons – Learn How To Play Your Uke

Apr 17,  · Learning how to play ukulele is easy! In a ten minute ukulele lesson I can get most students playing a song. Past that point though and you inevitably start to study the instrument. That takes time. Taking ukulele lessons from a good teacher is an amazing opportunity that I . LEARN & SAVE Get 7 days free – no credit card required – and start learning guitar, bass and ukulele today. Plus, score a one-time discount code for 10% off guitars, amps and gear. Fender Play® is the complete guitar, bass and ukulele learning app for anyone seeking a virtual music teacher - including players of all skill levels. Learn at your own pace on guided paths of lessons.

So grab your uke, tune up, and start practicing! Click for chords. This one is fantastic for singalongs. This easy Christian ukulele song is a favorite — you what does this quotation mean already know the words! Try it Free.

The strumming pattern is easy and the lyrics are beautiful. Perfect for caroling! This easy ukulele song tells a touching story. There are just five simple chords to put together. With just four basic chords, you can play Busted Heart on the ukulele!

Give it a try! It is one of the most famous Christian songs ever written, and this version also happens to be one of the easiest Christian songs for ukulele players who are still learning. Click for Chords. Even if you find that you have to practice a while longer to get this song to come together, your efforts will pay off in the end.

Start slowly, chord by chord, learn the tune, and then gradually add in the lyrics, one line at a time. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the chords before you worry about anything else, and then work on how to view md files strumming pattern.

You might want to hum along before you start with the vocals, as this can help you bring all the musical elements together. Aloha, and happy strumming! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Friday, April 23, Forgot your password? Get help. Uke Like The Pros Blog. The 10 Best Ukulele Apps Of The 9 Best Soprano Ukuleles. Please enter your comment!

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Warm Up and Prep

Oct 10,  · A half step is one fret on the ukulele. These flat or sharped notes are called “enharmonics”and each has two names. There are 5 enharmonics: A#/Bb - C#/Db - D#/Eb - F#/Gb - G#/Ab. Because of the way the 12 notes are spaced on the ukulele fretboard, there’s an enharmonic between every natural note and the next except: B and C; E and F. Oct 24,  · To read this ukulele chord chart, keep in mind that the straight up and down lines represent the strings of the ukulele. From left to right are strings 4 – 1. The 4th string is the one closest to your chin as you hold the ukulele. The horizontal spaces are the frets of the ukulele. The top horizontal space is your first fret. This Ukulele tuner will analyze the sound of your Ukulele using the built-in mic of your device, display the current note played, its frequency and will direct you to tuning your Ukulele fast and accurate. And it's totally free!Features - Many alternate tuning options - Wide range detection C0 - B8 - Only ~3MB.

They hold the key to everything and yet, these 48 little destinations get pushed aside by almost everybody!

They are like the times tables of your uke — not fun, but useful and necessary. Once you get to the end, it repeats back to A. This chromatic scale also happens to be exactly the same as the A-string. If you were to play every note on your A-string, in order, starting on the open A note, you would be playing the above line of letters.

This is true of all the strings. The open strings of an ukulele are: G-C-E-A. What are the note on the 12th fret of the ukulele? G-C-E-A one octave above! Takeaway: You only really need to learn the notes of the ukulele up to the 11th fret. Out of the chromatic scale we can find 7 natural notes:. A sharp raises the pitch of the note a half step. A flat b lowers the pitch of the note a half step. A half step is one fret on the ukulele. There are 5 enharmonics:. This is exactly what happens with the other three strings.

Understanding the notes on a piano keyboard is easy compared to an ukulele fretboard. This is because there is only one place for each note — middle C only exists in a single spot. On ukulele however with a few exceptions , each note exists in several places.

Not only do you have to locate options, but you must decide which to use to play the song! One set of lines run horizontal and represent the strings. The others are vertical and represent the frets.

The notes are shown in each finger space. In some circumstances a. Click on the image to get the full-size version:. Finally, I put together a high-res PDF download with several fretboards to a page that you can use to practice memorizing the fretboard.

Most people who land on this page will be looking for the above info. But for the sake of covering all bases, here are charts for the other main tunings. The chromatic scale in action again! One of the first battles you face on the way to being a more competent ukulele player is learning the notes and where they are located on the fingerboard. You want to be able to instantly find the nearest location of that one note you are looking for.

It takes time and you can always be faster, but familiarity with your ukulele will take you a long ways. I suggest starting by learning the natural notes up to the 3rd fret. Since the C major scale is made up of only natural notes, it is a great place to begin. I could explain it here, but Brett over at Ukulele Tricks does a great job demonstrating the basic first position C major scale. That basic shape covers the bottom three strings, so all you have to add is the open G-string and A on the 2nd fret, G-string:.

Next, work on studying all the natural notes up to the 5th fret. That step just adds all the notes on the 5th fret and two on the 4th fret, G and C strings to what we already have from the previous step.

Work your way up the fretboard by frets or by string if you like and learn the rest of the natural notes. Scales probably make the most sense for learning the fingerboard because you are learning notes anyways. Just like the C scale familiarizes most people with the natural notes inside the first 3 frets, any other scale can teach you the notes that live in between and higher up the neck. Here is a tab of major scales and a page of video lessons with tab:.

Just play and think about the notes. Simple, but once you learn a song, do you really think about the notes or just where your fingers go? If you run through the names of the notes as you play them you can kill two birds with one stone. This is especially important if you learn just from tabs as there is nothing forcing you to even care about the notes.

Find a note in all locations. If you have metronome, put it going slowly, if not, just practice this evenly and slowly by counting in your head or tapping your foot. Choose a note and locate it on any string. Find the note on the next string and play it on the next click I said go slowly right? And the next and the next until your cover all the strings. There are some strings depending on how many frets you have to work with that will have two note locations. I suggest you practice playing those too.

Then pick another note to find the locations of. Try doing this with all the different notes enharmonics too! For example, to do this exercise with the G note it would look like this:. Write it out. Print out some copies of a blank fingerboard chart and fill in the blanks using whatever order you like natural notes first, string by string, fret by fret, etc…. Study the location of those notes!

More about me. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email. That means once you get to the 12th fret, everything repeats! Pretty simple. Join our Discord chat!

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