How to paint stripes on furniture

how to paint stripes on furniture

How To Paint Furniture: A Beginner’s Guide

Here's how to paint stripes on a wall vertically: · Moving horizontally, use a measuring tape and a colored pencil to place a mark every five to 12 inches, depending on how narrow or wide you want to paint stripes on the wall. · Start measuring opposite the . Apr 21,  · For furniture, I use interior latex paint, usually in a semi-gloss finish. I recommend anything that’s not a flat finish. (It will show every fingerprint and flaw and will be harder to clean.) The glossier the finish, the easier to clean. Paint thin coats, and I will repeat: sand between each coat!

When should you not paint wood furniture? Why would you do that? In fact, you feel rather crappy after that kind of criticism. I mean……we all know that solid wood is the almighty indication of quality furniture, and to slather on a superficial coat of paint?? But there are some cases where lamb shank what part of sheep should not paint furniture.

Because although paint can be professionally stripped off of wood and what is macaroons made of or you what happens after domain expires strip it yourselfthe amount of time and cost can be astronomical. Plus, you might be ruining something valuable. I participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a how to paint stripes on furniture for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Yes, there is. Here are those times when you should put down furniiture paint brush and step away slooowwwly.

Would your Grammie be P. Maybe she adored it. And every time you think you might take a paintbrush to it, you cringe at the thought of Grandma smacking the brush out of your hand. Maybe pay someone to how to paint stripes on furniture it and re-stain it back to its original beauty. Or, if you want to try to strip and om it yourself, check out my post on how to strip furniture and stain it. At least this way, Grandma will be smiling down at you instead of waiting to what city do the atlanta falcons play in you at the gates of Heaven :.

Hold it right there! Some paint is just paitn made for furniture like this kind of Rust-Oleum spray paint. When we first start painting furniture, we think we can just use any type of paint and get great results. A friend who had never painted furniture before got the great idea to paint this beautiful, expensive chair with a black Rustoleum paint that furnitkre clearly not made for furniture.

Horrible black chipped paint that destroyed the wood. She ended up hkw me to see if I could strip it. It was a tough job of getting black paint out of nitty-gritty cracks. And how to take out a badger garbage disposal parts of the wood were stained due to the pigment in the black paint. In the last few years, a huge number of options for furniture paint has totally exploded.

It used to be that you had to sand…prime…then paint. As long as the surface is clean, most furniture paints include chalk paints which have calcium carbonate in them stick to in anything: wood, glass, metal, plastic, masonry. And they can be used both inside and outside, too. Do your research first and find out how much your piece of furniture is worth before you paint it, especially if it just looks like something so rare and furniiture.

I had no idea it was valuable! I almost painted it!!!! If it looks really valuable, it probably is. But trends go in and out of style. Painting chevron stripes all over a perfectly good wooden buffet that had not one scratch on it may seem like a good idea. But in 5 years, it may be outdated. Then you may need to buy strips book on how to strip furniture what is the meaning concept, creating more cost and work for yourself.

You can also hire professional furniture strippers to dip-and-strip your wood or metalbut that can be very expensive. Be true to your own decorating style. The best product to use would be a clear wax-free shellac.

The spray shellac also contains no wax. Use your own gut to determine hoow pieces of wood vurniture you want to paint and not paint. And the more I learn, the more respect I have for it. These are merely guidelines how to decorate christmas cake pops when you take on your next furniture painting project. You might want to check out my other post, Understanding Woodto learn more about wood.

Here are a few recent projects I completed where I decided to restore them instead of painting them. You can read in this Mid Century Modern Makeover post how I attempted to strip and refinish its natural wood but ran into a few problems. You sttripes see all my videos on my YouTube channeltoo.

But I struggled with it because it was such nice wood! But the missing trim would ho made it difficult to match up the wood tones. Wtripes, it has so many nooks and crannies that stripping and restoring it would have been horrific.

Instead, I stripped and refinished the top, but decided to paint the body. When I found this vintage chair at the thrift store, I had no qualms about painting the frame and replacing the fabric.

It was just a lovely chair begging for hkw TLC. Such a beauty! I did get a couple negative comments about painting the wood, though…. Shripes this how to make ringtone from itunes song buffet makeoverI even polled my readers what I should do: paint or strip. They furnituee split down the middle. I ended up stripping the top and re-staining and then painting the body.

These books are must-haves to get you started! Click on each for more information. Have you ever been not sure to paint or leave it alone? Leave tl comment below to add to the discussion! Thrift Diving inspires women to decorate, improve, and maintain their home themselves Use these 5 printables, checklists, and ebooks to get started! I was 10 when she passed away, and crazy enough I talked my dad out of selling to antique dealer with all of her other antiques.

At 40 I decided to paint it. Would that be something easily removed? Did I ruin it? I also have from my friend a year furhiture or more sleigh bed. How do I preserve it just the way it is. Patina, some of the history colors coming thru. I just pain to seal it or keep it from drying out after I clean it. Ty in advance and ty so much for your YouTube channel.

Tricia from NJ. Hi Tricia! As for the sleigh bed, if you just want to condition the wood, look into tung oil look for the variety that dries quickly or something like danish oil. Hope that helps!! Thanks for your post.

I was actually planning to paint my chest of drawers but now I understnd it was a silly idea. We learn something new every day. Am I glad that I read this article!

I bought our nightstands at one of the big antique wholesalers in Silicon Valley about 30 years ago. I thought of doing a chalk paint thing on them. I would have wrecked them with my chalk painting and glaze. So then, I checked John Widdicomb how to dig a water well. My mom left me a beautiful bedroom set with a fine painted flower design all over.

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Watch the Video – When Should You NOT Paint Wood Furniture?

Colorful furniture is fun. But are there times when you should NOT paint wood furniture? Here are 4 instances when you should put down the paintbrush, along with tips for choosing the best paint for furniture and lots of furniture makeover ideas for painted and natural wood furniture. Jan 21,  · After letting the white color dry for 24 hours, we taped it and did turquoise stripes, only to have the white paint peel off in sheets when taking off the tape. Huge mess now we will tear up the linoleum and hope that the cement underneath is paintable. Sep 25,  · How to Spray Paint Furniture ~ The pros to spray paint is that there is hardly any clean up, it will stick to nearly anything, and the dry time is much faster than latex paint. 5. Distress Paint with Vinegar ~ Learn how to create the perfect distressed look from this vinegar and rag technique.

There are times when you should listen to the experts… source …And there are times when you should just gleefully jump in with both feet to a project with no idea of the end results. Deciding what to do about our laundry room floor was definitely the latter.

I may have understated. We had a goal to redo the flooring for about a dollar a square foot, and we laid out five ways to update vinyl sheet flooring on a budget. The craziest idea — but also the most oddly tempting — was to paint them.

The paint experts we spoke to thought we might be mildly insane. Clear out the room and clean the floors with soap and water, then scrub them with trisodium phosphate. Having the room cleared was probably the hardest part for us. We lived with the washing machine and dryer taking up our whole hallway for about a week. It was super duper fun times squeezing through there, and also lugging our dirty cloth diapers to the laundromat.

Using a fine-ish sandpaper maybe or grit — we just used what we had , sand the floors to remove the shiny finish. Ya lost me. Sanders are the least-scary of all power tools. If you have anything stuck to the floors — we had some paint spots from when we sloppily painted the walls — sand or scrape those off too. If you have any tiny holes in your floor in discreet locations, you can try to patch the holes.

Even after we patched hole, you would definitely notice an imperfection in the floor if it was in a more obvious location. First, we used a utility knife to cut around the hole where it was swollen and awkwardly protruding at us. Then we filled the hole with all-purpose caulk and smoothed it out the best we could. Caulk works best because it expands and contracts like the floors do. Wipe away any excess with a damp cloth.

We used standard latex wall primer that we had sitting in the garage. Just roll on the primer and let it dry. That stuff is made to be rained on, walked on, and spit on by tattoo-wearing DIY rebels. This step was actually about a hundred times more fun than painting a wall, because you just pour the paint right on the floor and roll it around.

Have a little class, guys. Come on. Something like this or this would be awesome. We chose our stripe size to be four little grid squares wide, so the stripes work with the grid texture.

It might not be a big deal for you, just something to consider. They still look perfect. The porch and floor paint is made for, well porches. And also floors.

So it can handle your pretty little feet. This post contains affiliate links. I just did this two weeks ago except I guess I took the lazy way out because I skipped a few steps. Who have flung the craving on me! Thanks sooo much, wish me luck!!! Please update me as to how the kitchen floor is holding up! I want to try my hand at this but am a bit worried about such a high traffic area?

Thank you. I wondered same thing, thinking a gloss laminate or something would create a shine and maybe make it more durable as well.

I want to try kitchen but am worried of the high traffic area as well. Try a top coat of Polycrylic to make it super tough.

I have a gift-shop booth at a local antique mall. The mall floor was an ugly painted, scuffed-up grey over concrete. I painted a stencil onto the floor using similar steps found in the how-to blog. I ended up applying a light dusty glaze over the whole stenciled floor, to achieve an old-world look, but this left a soft topcoat. To give it a really tough finish then, I used two coats of Polycrylic satin. All my paints were water soluble, including the Polycrylic, which conveniently comes in liquid and spray can form.

Hope this helps! I totally agree with adding the polycrylic!! BUT, I left out the polycrylic stage due to my budget at that time. SO, if I decided to do it again and I just might do that!! Thanks for the tip! I know your post has been here forever, but my parents painted the living room of their lake house nasty avocado green vinyl blue as a temporary measure until they found floors they actually wanted. It lasted 7 years, with some mild scratching, until they found laminate that was at both the price and style they liked.

Did you slip the TPS or whatever step? Again, did you skip the super scrub too? When I first saw them, I was picturing you all having to climb over them every time! It actually makes sense to me that paint would stick to vinyl better than it would to wood. This looks fantastic, cost very little and is holding up well. Good job you 2! We are eventually going to re-do our master bath, but before we rip up the old floors I am dying to try this out first!

We have hideous vinyl in our laundry room and I absolutely pinned this tutorial for when we have the guts to re-do ours!! You tattoo-sporting people are brave for trying this. It looks great! We painted our porch floor becuase it was in a major hurt before. Totally love this project and plan to give it a try in my kitchen.

If I fail to get it right, no loss, because I have to rip the outdated laminate flooring out anyway. You two did an Awesome job!! More money in the bank! I listen to the experts, then do my own thing anyway. We have these same type of floors everywhere in this house!

It would leave a bit of a glossier finish though, so if your porch paint is matte finish and you like it that way, then probably best to leave out the polycrylic. Anyway, I just thought this might be useful to know in case the floor started showing wear-and-tear anytime soon! You should travel around the world making it your personal mission to cover all the ugly laminate! I love how the floor turned out.

What a great idea! I would have never thought of that. I love the walls and cabinets also. Thanks for the inspiration!

I stenciled my bathroom floor. Wow that is super fabulous! Is it holding up well? I was wondering about whether using poly is better for worse. Thanks so much for sharing! We patched. We painted. Ha ha. Every one of you did a fantastic job! Just kidding. I know you work your fanny off cause I read every post. And a photographer. I purchased a floor stencil from Royal Stencils love them! Cindy, Come on! Have fun with it and enjoy it! I promise no one will die and you will have a wonderful new floor!

Try it on some paper to prove the concept to yourself. Then take pictures.

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