How to measure for a bifold door

how to measure for a bifold door

DIY Bifold Barn Door Transform Your Closet Door for $15

Schweiss Doors didn't just wrap our head around heavy-duty bifold and hydraulic door hinges, we went a step further and engineered robust, user-friendly, greasable hinges with a removable hinge pin. The new hinge design, with grease zerks on every hinge segment enables bifold door owners-whether they be private individuals or commercial customers-to periodically grease their hinges from the. *Your cuts with vary depending on the size of your particular bifold door. Despite what the bifold door packaging said the door actually measured 78 3/4 x 35 1/2 inches. *Please note that all sizing is approximate. Measure twice cut once. The bifold door measured app 17 3/4 for each folded side. Vertical Pieces First Layer.

Schweiss Doors is introducing an all-strap bifold door! Straps do the lifting and now straps do the latching too! It doesn't get any how to make loose covers for chairs than an all-strap door.

The simplicity of the new latch strap is truly amazing! Schweiss did away with all the outdated cable lifts, chains, sprockets and pulleys; strap lift doors now have 90 percent less moving parts.

This is a real game keasure in the bifold door world! Some manufacturers still continue to try and sell outdated cable lift bifold doors. Cable-lift doors not only require frequent maintenance dur to fraying, breaking and overwrapping, but also open much slower, are hard to adjust, are fo, and not as safe as liftstrap doors. That's a good question! The answer is YES, we sure can! No matter the make, model or manufacturer of the door you own, you can see the obvious: Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold doors are a safter, faster, and better solution than outdated cable lift doors.

Meaeure percent of Schweiss bifold door customers are now demanding the stronger, patented polyester lift straps.

For years, bifold doors were lifted and lowered by the slow, conventional means of outdated steel cables, that have a tendency to fray, overwrap, and break. Schweiss did away with all the cables, chains, sprockets and pulleys; and it now has 90 percent less moving parts. Best Bifold Door on the Market! This is what every door owner wants and needs. It will offer added protection from wind gusts while gifold door is in any position during operation.

Bifold Doors have been around for years, but thanks to Schweiss Doors foresight, they are times better now!

Calls are coming in from owners of all styles of cable doors wanting to convert to straps. Schweiss Doors didn't just wrap our head around heavy-duty bifold and hydraulic door mdasure, we went a step further and engineered robust, user-friendly, greasable hinges with a removable hinge pin.

The new hinge design, with grease zerks on every hinge segment enables bifold door owners-whether they be private individuals or commercial customers-to periodically grease their hinges from the underside of the doorframe without having to go through the cumbersome process of first removing the top rubber weather seal. Schweiss Doors is the only door manufacturer bifolv offer easily accessible greasable door hinges for bifold and hydraulic doors that can be greased from the underside of the door without removing the top weather seal.

Time Saver! I'd recommend liftstraps to anyone. They're a lot less maintenance, faster and quieter. I'm sure you'll be selling more Lift Straps, we like 'em! Liftstraps make the door easier to look over for potential problems. They are certainly alot less maintenance, not as much adjustment, you don't have to worry about cable clamps slipping or even the fact that when they started fraying people could rub against them.

Cables were just a maintenance nightmare. We were having a lot of problems keeping the cables adjusted and replacing broken cables. It was really hard to tell when a cable was slipping, and it would go from looking perfectly fine to fraying almost immediately.

We have millions and millions of dollars in aircraft rolling underneath these doors so we have to be increadibly careful, if one of those doors came down the aircraft would be totaled - maintenance has dropped off to nothing with the liftstraps.

Our design team provided a durable wrap-around hinge with grease zerks that are accessible without removing the top rubber what bone contains the supraorbital foramen. Schweiss doorframes are designed with double or triple push tubes that are tied directly into the wrap-around hinges that connect each vertical push tube directly to the header tube. The advantage of double and triple push tubes is that forces of hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed to the doorframe and the wrap-around hinges.

Professionally done! This Schweiss hydraulic door was designed for how to get out of the talking stage windload and equipped with a measute 2-speed valve for smooth operation that includes a 12 volt backup system in case of a power outage.

The door has the newly designed and patented wrap around hinges that can be lubricated from inside the building, making maintenance quick and easy! Spherical bearings reduce stress and wear on the cylinders, cylinder pins and clevises during doorr.

The Schweiss hydraulic door comes with its own self-supporting subframe for added strength and support. All models, come standard with double or triple push tubes at each side of the door. Schweiss hydraulic doors are renowned for their heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with spherical bearings to extend the life of the door.

Schweiss doorframes also come standard with the new jow hinge design with easy to grease hinges. Each door offers something different. Each has specific advantages. Tell us your situation, so we can better advise you. The bottom line - it's the customers choice. Only Schweiss Doors give you that advantage. Schweiss Doors already has a long history in the door world. We are the 1st choice of thousands of customers and our Hydraulic Doors are leading the way. With either door you get Schweiss Quality.

Talk with us first and we can make your decision easier Hydraulic or Bifold! Superstructure Hydraulic. Hydraulic Vs. Tilt-Up Design Comparison. Hydraulic Door Frame. Mounting Styles. Hydraulic Pumps. Note About Hydraulic. Greasable Hydraulic Hinges. Hydraulic Secrets. Product Features. Build Your Own Door. Hydraulic Door Failures. Dealer Opportunities. Straps vs. Bifold Door Frame. How to transfer programs from computer to ti-84 Hinges.

Bottom Drive. Top Drive. Strap Conversion Kits. Strap Conversion Stories. Customer Reviews. Upgrade Equipment. Cold Weather Package. Walk Doors. Wood Building Details. Steel Building Details. Understanding Headroom. How to Measure - Hydraulic.

Forces on Your Building. Round Roof Building. Retrofit Existing Buildings. Machine Shed Doors. Design Criteria - Bifold. Design Criteria - Hydraulic. Schweiss Specs. Steel Buildings. Wood Buildings. Designer Doors I. Designer Doors II. Specialty Doors. Pole Barn Structure. Schweiss Certified Installers. Bifold Installation Guide.

Container Door Ti. Container Doors Stories. Marina Doors.

Made to Measure Blinds for BiFold Doors

Bifold Door Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: 30" x 80" solid core, louver bi-fold closet door. Interior Primed for paint. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 1 doors: $ $ Bifold Door Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install bifold door with favorable site conditions. Prime-Line 1-Piece Bifold Closet Door Hardware Kit. This is a guide rod used in Benchmark bi-fold door systems. The 5/16 in. diameter, /4 in. long steel rod and is threaded on the bottom half with a hex nut and washer. There is a 3/8 in. nylon cap on the end. It also contains a bottom pivot rod used on Benchmark bi-fold doors. Corner Bifold Doors. A full corner opening is achievable with a sliding corner post. We have a moveable corner post available for our Continental Folding system is designed for where you have two bifold doors meeting at a corner, the corner post then sweeps away as the doors open.

Last Updated: September 26, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 15, times. Learn more Bifold doors open by folding back into sections, which saves space and makes them a great alternative to sliding doors. But no matter where you install themyour closet, living room, or dining roomthe process can be a bit tricky.

Fortunately, if you carefully attach the necessary mechanical parts, hinges, and door pulls, you'll be able to correctly install a new set of bifold doors in a few hours or less. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings.

Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Related Articles. Part 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Purchase a bifold door kit that will fit in the designated space. Start by measuring the area you want to hang your bifold doors. Then, head to a home hardware store and purchase a bifold door kit. Be sure that the combined width measurements of both doors are 0.

This is necessary to account for mechanical parts. If you have a small opening, you may only need a single bi-fold door. For larger openings, opt for a pair of bi-fold doors.

If you want to stain, paint, or finish your door panels, make sure to do so prior to installation. Install the top and bottom tracks in the opening. Before you attach any tracks, align them so that they are flush against the side of the door frame that the doors will fold towardalso known as the jamb side.

Now, hold each track in place and fasten them to the top and bottom of the frame using the provided screws and an electric drill. Keep the screws loose to make it easier to hang the bifold doors later.

Attach the pivot plates and locking arms to the tops and bottom of the doors. Start by checking the manufacturer's instructions to determine how far to position the pivot plates from the edges of the doors and where to place each plate's pin.

Use the provided screws and an electric drill to attach the pivot plates to the jamb-side doors and the locking arm to the leading doors the door farthest from the jamb using the pre-drilled holes in each door. Each pair of doors should have pivot plates and locking arms on both the top and bottom of the jamb-side and leading doors, respectively.

Some bifold doors have bottom pivots that attach to the door jambthe vertical part of the frame that the door is secured torather than the floor. Part 2 of Mark the hinge locations on the jamb-side door. Start by finding the jamb side doorthe one closest to frame or openingand mark the inner edge 11 inches 28 cm from the bottom and 7 inches 18 cm from the top.

Then mark the center point between the previous 2 marks. Install the top, middle, and bottom hinges to the jamb-side door. Align the bottom of the lower half of a hinge with the bottom mark on the jamb-side door. Be sure that the knuckles are flush to the edge and facing back. Now, drill pilot holes through the hinge holes with a self-centering bit, insert the screws, and fasten the hinge plate. Connect the jamb-side door to the leading door. The leading door is the outer door that is attached to the jamb-side door.

Place it flat down so that it touches the first door back-to-back. Now, align the remaining hinge plates from the jamb-side door to the leading door at the same locations as before: 11 inches 28 cm from the bottom of the inner edge, 7 inches 18 cm from the top, and the center point between those 2 locations.

Press the top and sides of both doors into a corner of your home to align them evenly before attaching the hinges. Repeat the process on the other bi-fold door.

If you're using 2 sets of bi-fold doors, simply follow the same steps to attach the hinges to the other door.

Mark the hinge locations, install the hinges in the jamb-side door, then connect the doors to each other. Part 3 of Mark the door pull locations on the leading doors if they're flat.

If your doors are flat, find the center point, width-wise, of the leading door. Measure 36 inches 91 cm from the bottom of the door and make an "x" mark at that height at the center point of the door. Draw the door pull locations on the rails if your doors are paneled. For paneled doors, mark the center location of each leading door's middle railthe horizontal elevated region that runs across the middle of the door.

Start by using a straightedge to draw a line from corner to corner across the rail. Repeat the process for each leading door. Attach the door pulls. Now, screw on the door pulls by turning them clockwise into the holes. Part 4 of Connect the dowels to the tops of the door. Always start by checking the installation instructions to determine the type of dowel your bifold doors have and how far from the sides of the door to install them. For stationary dowels without adjustment screws, place them on the bottom and top of the door panel on the side that is farthest away from the hinge.

Attach dowels with spring assemblies into the top of the door panel at the point closest to the side of the installation location's perimeterthe exact distance from the side of the perimeter is noted in the manual.

Attach the door panels onto the top track. Lift the jamb-side door so that the pin of the top pivot plate hooks into the pivot socketthe thin, rectangular metal piece a bit larger than the pivot plateon the top track. Afterward, push down on the lever located on the side of the socket to lock the door in place. Connect the door panels to the bottom track. Lift the bottom of the jamb-side door nearest the frame and insert the pin on the top pivot plate into the bottom track's pivot socket.

Afterward, press down again on the lever to lock it. Insert the track hanger pin into the leading door. Find the pin on the track hanger located on the top of the leading door and insert it into the locking arm. Now, twist the arm clockwise to lock the pin into place.

If it doesn't, twist the arm counterclockwise and make sure the pin is in place. Attach the 2 door aligners on the inside of the doors. Enter the opening and close the doors so you're looking at the back side of them.

Measure 6 inches 15 cm from the floor on the leading door s and draw a horizontal line at this location. Place 1 aligner horizontally at this location so that the bottom runs parallel to the line. Position the second aligner directly above it parallel to the line. If the alignment is off, adjust the track hardware so the doors open and close smoothly.

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