How to make table of contents word 2003

how to make table of contents word 2003

Feb 13,  · How to create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word How to create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word Oct 23,  · A short video demonstrating how to incorporate and update a Table of Contents in MS Word

You've composed a very large, very informative document. And now you want to configure it so that your readers can navigate it easily using a Table of Contents TOC. Now that your document has been properly formatted with styles, you're ready to create your Table of Contents.

To do that, follow these easy steps:. Once you've created your page for your Table of Contents, you want to be sure that your page numbering for the rest of your document will not be disturbed by adding this page.

To take care of that, make sure that your cursor is on your new page and follow the steps below. Just right-click on it and choose Update Fields. An Update Table of Contents dialog box may appear. If it does, select Update entire table and press OK. To see the screenshots for this article, click here. Privacy Policy Advertise. Jump to Navigation. Search form Search. Defining Style To begin the process, you will first need to properly format your als what does it stand for with Styles.

Highlight the document text that you how to find out if your friend is bi to show up as table of contents major sections. You can highlight more than one paragraph at a time by depressing your CTRL key even if the paragraphs aren't in sequence. This will apply the Heading 1 style to your text. This text stands out from the rest and is normally used to signify major sections of the document.

Now, glance up at your Formatting Toolbar and you will see that the style has changed. Click on a paragraph to which you haven't applied a heading style and what does a muscle relaxant do at your Formatting Toolbar and you will see that it Word has assigned it the Normal style.

You may have sub-headings and sub-sub-headings how to get rid of mrsa in nose your document and these also need to have a style assigned to them.

Separating the TOC from the rest of the Document Now that your document has been properly formatted with styles, you're ready to create your Table of Contents. To do how to make table of contents word 2003, follow these easy steps: Click on Insert.

Under Break type, select Page break. Under Section break types, select Next page. Assigning Page Numbers Once you've created your page for your Table of Contents, you want to be sure that your page numbering for the rest of your document will not be disturbed by adding this page.

Click on View. Select Header and Footer. Your Header and Footer area now become visible. Your Header and Footer toolbar will also appear. If you don't readily see it, glance down at the bottom of your page and you should see it floating there. If you like, you can drag it up to the top and dock it with your other toolbars if that is more comfortable for you. Your Header and Footer toolbar to move from the Header to the Footer. Click on Switch between header and footer. Next, you'll need to click on "Same as Previous" to unlink the footer from the other footers in your document.

Now you can add your page numbering in this footer. Most documents with a TOC use Roman numerals lower case for page numbering. Next you will click on the icon with a hand, which is Format Page Number. Using the spin arrow next to Number format, select the lowercase Roman numerals. Then click on Start at and you should see a lowercase Roman numeral one and click OK. You can then highlight the Roman numeral in your footer and depress your CTRL key and E which will center the page number.

Once you have finished with that, click on Close on your Header and Footer toolbar. Now you're ready to insert your Table of Contents! Follow the steps below. Click on Insert. Select Reference. Select Index and Tables. Select the Table of Contents tab. The Index and Tables dialog box will appear. In the dialog box you can make choices regarding your TOC, such as whether or not you to use hyperlinks.

In this case: if the reader clicks oh what are men compared to rocks and mountains a heading in your TOC, it will automatically take them to that place in your document.

Note that you can also click on Modify to make changes regarding Headings, etc. Visit Carol's web site to learn more tips like this one! Filed under:. Carol's Corner Office. Rate this article:. Leave this field blank. Do you need Tech Support? I can help! Send me a message on the bottom left of the screen using the Zopim Chat buttonor click my picture to read more about how I can fix your computer over the Internet.

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Nov 10,  · From Word ’s menu, select Insert > Reference > Index and Tables. Select the Table of Contents tab. If you don’t want your TOC as blue hyperlinks, clear the Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers check box. Click OK —your auto TOC is inserted at the beginning of your lovemeen.comted Reading Time: 7 mins. Highlight the document text that you want to show up as table of contents major sections. Next, depress CTRL-ALT You can highlight more than one paragraph at a time by depressing your CTRL key (even if the paragraphs aren't in sequence). This will apply the Heading 1 style to your text.5/5.

Instructions for Word Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3. Set up your document using hierarchical heading styles for your headings and sub-headings. The quickest way is to click anywhere in the TOC then press F9. You will be asked if you want to update just the page numbers or the entire table. The safest option is Entire Table —this updates the page numbers and adds or removes headings to reflect the current headings used. Posted in Word Tagged table of contents , toc.

I still cant get this to work properly despite following the online instructions. It inserts the first line for a table of contents but I am unable to type in subsequent headings as it does not follow the same format I need automatic page numbering. If so, then you have field codes turned on. So, you write your document as usual, using Heading 1, 2, 3 styles for your headings this is critical. With no Arabic. It should be the other way round. Again, it looks like a Caption style has been applied to an image.

Change it back to Normal or Body Text or whatever your default paragraph style is. Is your Word language set for a right-to-left language? How do you insert a table of contents a few pages into your document?

I have pages i, ii, iii, iv, and v before my TOC starts on page 1. Also, I noticed when my professor returned my original document with comments, my table of contents would no longer update correctly. Any thoughts? If text or a picture is included in your TOC, the paragraph containing that text is most likely styled with one of the Heading styles.

You need to go to that paragraph in the body of the document and set it to a body text style, not a heading style. You could spend hours trying to figure it out especially if Track Changes was on or your professor manually changed anything in the TOC. I have already typed a table of contents for my finished book. I am wondering if it is possible to create an active table of contents that means someone reading the book on kindle can click on chapter 1 and it takes them right there, chapter 2 brings them to chapter 2.

Is this possible? If your book is in HTML, which I think is the underlying format for most ebooks such as those for the Kindle , then you would just create hyperlinks for each chapter listed in the TOC. Not too sure what I could be doing wrong. I am not too technologically advanced when it comes to doing this type of stuff on the computer; I like the basics, but nothing that is too technical for me.

Please help. I tried what you suggested and it still is not working. I am not too sure what I am doing wrong.

Hi Rhonda. I was given the task of cleaning up a 70 page procedures manual, and one of the items on the list was to create a TOC.

Sometimes when I select Heading 1, it makes the font Calibri. Sometimes something totally different. Only the 1st one shows up. Please help! Well, the doc may be corrupt, but before jumping to that conclusion, there are couple of other things that might be going wrong. For example, the person who created the doc may have used text boxes to control the placement of text.

Thanks for the quick response! Anyway, thanks again. Is it possible? I think the only way you can have your TOC in a table is to create it manually — NOT a good idea, in my opinion, unless it is very small.

Hi Rhonda In table of contents, the page number of the heading do not line up with the other page numbers. Insert caption does not appear when I right click the diagram. Could you please help me how can I fix the problem? You can also add captions for figures, tables etc. Rhonda, I have my document and the TOC is working great. I need to put a link on a webpage that takes to user to a particular place in the document. Can I use the TOC links to do that?

OR, if the Word doc was saved as HTML then uploaded to the website, you might be able to link to a specific place then. But when I go to update the entire table, it messes up the formatting of the whole thing I want all of the page numbers aligned on the right, regardless of how many words are in that subject heading.

Go to the References tab, Table of Contents group. On the Table of Contents dialog box, make sure that the Right align page numbers check box is checked, then click OK. Say Yes to replace the existing TOC. Hi — I found this really useful and managed to set up a table of contents in a matter of minutes. However, I want to protect the document which is to be used as form and circulated to several sites for them to populate.

I know that protection disables hyperlinks and have managed to work around this with normal web links by using a macro button. Are you able to offer any suggestions for how to maintain functionality while the form is protected? To do this, you first have to place a Continuous section break on the line above the hyperlink and one on the line below the hyperlink to place a Continuous section break, click on Insert Break Continuous. Note the section of the document your hyperlinks are in click anywhere on the same line as your hyperlink and look at the status bar at the bottom of your screen.

Note the section your hyperlinks are in, then click on Tools Protect Document. Now try protecting your document again and see if you can use your hyperlinks. I have highlighted the headings and clicked on heading 4 and it changes the font in the document.

Can you help me? Do you mean the 4th level heading i. Or the sequentially fourth heading in a section? I am trying to create a TOC that uses the alphabet rather than numbers. I am fine up to Z but cant get the program to accept AA as my next heading.

Is it possible to force is? I am working with work Before, clicking the number field only sent me to the correct place but with that field gone, I thought MS would make either the chapter or chapter title active. What gives? I have MS Word for Mac However, there might be something you can do with the hyperlink settings when you insert a customised TOC….

Maybe I am, ha, ha. I can make great active TOC with page numbers but not without. Where are you little button?! Active, clickable and no page numbers, only the chapter numbers and titles I put in.

I am using Word , using level 1. Some chapter headings work, others do not show up at all, no matter how many times i go thru the formating and ToC update process. This gets rid of any manual formatting that may be affecting the style. Update the TOC and see if that makes any difference.

If so, are there a lot of them, including track changes for headings? Alternatively, accept all track changes and see if that makes any difference suggestion: save a copy of the doc first and just work on the copy! Thanks for the speedy, detailed reply, and sorry for the delay. I was out for 2 weeks and am starting this foreign-language exercise from scratch. It did not seem to help. I still get huge chunks of italicixed, underlined blocks of text. I do not have track changes in the document.

One other thing… Do you have manual hard page breaks in your doc? If so, these manual page breaks may also have the Heading 1 style and this may be confusing Word. No, everything is in Normal mode. I am now working from the original again, since I think I got it down OK on the de-italicicized duplicate.

But when I place the cursor over a headline to click on Header 1, a whole bunch of text before and after is also highlighted, and accordingly appears in the TOC. I am a first time user trying to create a TOC. I have Microsoft Word How do I create a TOC for only the attachments?

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