How to make pulao in bengali style

how to make pulao in bengali style

Bengali Style Veg Pulao

Dec 08, Bengali Style Veg Pulao is an authentic dish made by using gobindobhog rice, loads of veggies, dry fruits and condiments. The specialty about this dish is that as it is made using Total Time: 40 mins. May 20, Wash the rice and soak in enough water for 30 minutes. Heat ghee in a pan. Add raisins and cashew nuts and fry until golden brown. Add cardamom, cloves, cinnamon stick and bay leaf and fry for a few Time: 35 mins.

Bengali white pulao which is also called Bengali ghee Bhat is one of the gems of our Bengali kitchen. Bengali pulao is my favourite because of its distinct colour and flavours, whereas Bengali Basanti bengai is yellow in colour with the wonderful aroma, came from a perfect combination of some essence, ghee, and garam masalas, there Bengali white pulao is pure white coloured flavourful rice with colourful veggies and a nice combination of bengaali and garam masalas. Just like, both of them compete with each other to get the crown of Best pulao of Bengal.

In any part of India, wherever pulao is being prepared, ghee and garam masala both are playing a key role to make pulqo flavourful. And who are searching for a subtle flavourful rice or rice with vegetables then this Bengali white pulao is ideal for them.

Bengali white pulao, a combination of long grain basmati rice, carrot, beans, green peas, cashew nuts and raisins with flavourful ghee and garam masalas. When we add little green chilies, a perfect amount of sugar and salt to it, it tastes out of the world. This Bengali white pulao wonderfully goes with almost all Bengali non-veg preparation and goes pretty well with some of our Bengali veg dishes.

Bengali white rice is an authentic Bengali delicacy which is Bengalis favorite preparation in any festival like Durga Puja to Kali Puja or Poila boishak Bengali new year to Jamaishosthi a celebration for the son-in-laws.

But whatever the occasion is, Bengali white pulao is always special in Bengali household. You can try this Bengali white pulao with my how to become a certified safety trainer kosha recipemutton kasha recipealoor dum recipe or even daab chingri recipedim kosha recipe.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I how to soothe sore eyes home remedies. Toggle navigation. Home About Us Contact. When the water starts to boil, add the carrots, beans and green peas to it. Add salt to it. As after boiling the veggies it generally loses its original color and looks fade.

When the veggies will be half cooked then strain the veggies through a strainer to remove the excess water. After straining to keep it aside for later use. How to prepare the rice for Bengali white pulao or Bengali ghee bhat: Take 2 cups long grain basmati rice in the bowl and rinse it under the running water for times till the dirt goes off. Soak the rice in fresh water for 30 minutes.

Bring it to boil. Quickly it will start to boil, then strain the water from the soaked rice and add it in the boiling water. Cook the rice up to percent as shown in the pic. Drain the starch from the rice immediately through a strainer or your own way of straining rice. Spread the rice in plates and place it under a running fan to cool it down quickly to keep every grain of rice intact not more than 5 mins. This procedure will prevent rice from overcooking as basmati rice is very delicate in nature.

How to become a dental nurse in uk rice is completely cool down, keep it aside. How to make Bengali white pulao or Bengali ghee bhat: Take a deep bottom wide pan, place it on medium heat, add 2tbsp refined oil with 2 tbsp ghee or clarified butter in it. Now im veggies to it and stir it nicely and let cook it for about mins. Then take the veggies in hhow side of the pan and add cashew and raisins to the empty portion of the pan.

Styke it well without mixing with the veggies and fry it for 2 mins. Now mix the dry fruits with the veggies and then add chopped green chili to it stir it and fry the mix for 2 minutes more. After adding each batch to sgyle pan mix the rice gently and well with the veggies and dry fruits.

Add sugar and salt as required to it. And then stir it gently to mix the all ingredients properly. Once the mixing is done cover the pan and slows down the heat for minutes. Then I apply a little trick to make it more flavourful. Mix it nicely and cover the pan with a lid. Turn off the heat. Let the flavor of ghee and garam masala infused in the Bengali white pulao.

Bengali white pulao is ready, I served it with chicken kasha. You can also have it with the veg or nonveg preparation of your choice. Styls white pulao recipe Bengali how to make pulao in bengali style Bhat recipe. Previous Post doodh peda recipe milk peda recipe janmashtami peda recipe. Next Post ilish macher paturi recipe how to make ilish paturi. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Moumita Paul. Search for:. Recipe By Category. Cold coffee recipe ccd style 2 types cold coffee recipes AprNo Comments.

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Bengali white pulao recipe | Bengali ghee Bhat recipe

Jan 29, Cook the rice, stirring frequently, for about 2 minutes. Pour water and bring it to a boil over a high flame. Cover it with a lid and lower the flame to medium. Cook for about minutes until all the water has evaporated and the rice is fully cooked. Jul 24, How to make Bengali white pulao or Bengali ghee bhat: Take a deep bottom wide pan, place it on medium heat, add 2tbsp refined oil with 2 tbsp ghee or clarified butter in it. Add 1 1/2 inch cinnamon stick (broken into pieces), 5 cloves, 5 green cardamoms. Now add veggies to it and stir it nicely and let cook it for about Time: 50 mins. Apr 14, Wash and soak the rice in water for 30 minutes. Wash the raisins and soak them as well. Drain the rice completely in a strainer after 30 minutes of soaking. Heat a big heavy bottomed pot which has a lid and add 2 tablespoons of ghee and add the cashew nuts.

Mishti Pulao is a very traditional Bengali rice dish which appears in almost every household in special occasions. It is fragrant, rich and has a mild undertone of sweetness, which compliments with spicy non- veg Bengali dishes. Every family has a unique recipe which has come down through generations and is slightly different than the other. While in some recipe the ingredients differ, in others the cooking style.

In our family my grandma used to wash the rice and mix all the ingredients in the rice itself and then cook in a pot in a double boiler. She never used to measure the ingredients in cups or spoons but relied on her eye and experience and each time the pulao used to be as tasty as ever. My maa came up with an easier and fuss free version and I follow her blindly. I prepare this way and each time it comes out great.

Making pulao is easy if you follow certain rules. Soaking the rice for atleast 30 minutes is very important. If you soak for a longer time, the cooking time will be effected. So keeping an eye on the time is important. The proportion of water to rice also matters greatly. If more water is added than needed, the rice will turn clumpy and soggy. Other important point is the choice of rice. In polau, gobindobhog rice is used traditionally but you may use kalajeera or basmati rice but the most important fact is that the rice should be aged.

If the rice is not aged then the texture of the rice will be effected too. So these are the few things you have to keep in mind to prepare mishti pulao.

Mishti Pulao is essentially sweet in taste as the name suggests mishti: sweet but you may change the amount of sweetness in the recipe as per your taste. The adding of the rose water is optional. It gives a great aroma to the dish. You may mix oil and ghee to cut down the ghee for health reasons but the pulao tastes great with only ghee.

You can use the store bought garam-masala or else make at home. Dry roast green cardamoms,1 cinnamon stick, few cloves, and half of nutmeg and 1 blade of mace. When it is cool make a fine powder and store in an airtight container. Use when needed.

To get regular updates you may like us at Facebook and follow us at Instagram. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. Your proportions are fantastic. But this came out perfect! I have gone through many websites for the same recipe..

Will try shortly and would come back with positive feedback. It is written in the recipe. It is little less than double the quantity of rice. Hi I am pia m a bengali but not very good at cooking. I will definitely give a try to this Pulao recipe. Reply you shortly my outcome with this recipe. I make our parsi pulao. Mishti Pulao is so good. However for diabetics, is there any way to cut out the sugar? Will it taste good without the sugar? This recipe is just wonderfully easy and the proportions are just perfect!

I would recommend this to anyone cooking Mishti polao first time. I have earlier tried many a timesbut this came out the best.!! Your proportions were so accurate!! My mom was impressed..!! Thank You so much Akanksha! Your comment made my day? Plz try more recipes and let me know how it turned out! Earlier I have shared the Bengali sweet pulao and Chinese mixed fried rice.

This recipe is slightly different, so I thought of sharing it here. It is better to use freshly grated coconut but you may use the frozen one as I did here. The gravy is thick and has a texture of coconut and is mild in taste. This recipe goes great with white rice or pulao. Sweet pulao or mishti pulao is itself a great recipe and one of the most popular recipes here in this site.

I usually follow []. It tastes best when served with naan, pulao or vegetable fried rice. Paneer is a fresh cheese common in Indian cuisine. Homemade paneer is made []. Paneer stuffed potoler dolma with a silky smooth gravy is sure to hit any vegetarian menu with some rice or pulao. Your email address will not be published.

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Comments Can I use basmati rice instead of gobindobhog? Yes you may use Basmati rice. Give it a try and let me know how it came out. Hi, I have a rice cooker. Do you have any suggestions on how to modify the recipe for a rice cooker?

Regards Subhayan. Thanx for the pulao recipe. My daughter loved it. Thanks for trying? I am glad that your daughter loved it! Keep trying more recipes. Thank You so much Sharmishtha! Please try the recipe and let me know how you liked it. Reply you shortly my outcome with this recipe??? For 2 people, what are the quantity of rice in general?? Thank You so much for the positive feedback!

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