How to get straight hair for guys

how to get straight hair for guys

How to Make Men’s Straight Hair Wavy

Apr 22,  · How To get Straight Hairmen's curly to straight hair tutorialTopic of discussion: what other hair video do went to see?Today I'm showing you how to go from Author: Br Fashion tips. Method 1: Blow Dryer+ Comb #1: Hair wash and conditioning. Before starting the blowout the hair needs to be clean and conditioned. A conditioner #2: Hair moisturizing. Apply a coin-sized amount of coconut or argan oil into the palm and rub the hands together and #3: Comb the hair as straight.

Learn about the different hair types for men and get one step closer to amazing hair! From straight to kinky, here's how to care for your specific hair type. Although there are several different hair classifications, the most well-known model is the Andre Walker Hair Typing System. White flakes on the scalp are fairly common in straight hair types because the yeast that causes dandruff thrives in an oily environment.

Once you have the right cut, use pomade to style your hair and keep it locked into place for all-day sexiness. If you have this hair type, you were probably ruthlessly teased in grade school for its out-of-control poufiness.

First things first: Get yourself an amazing leave-in conditioner for men. Regardless of your ethnicity, a few things remain the same when caring for kinky hair—namely, the need for moisture, moisture and more moisture. To keep strands moisturized and hydrated, use fir hair products and stay far away from sulfates, which can exacerbate dryness.

Always use a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer to reduce frizz and never comb your curls. Lee, Yoonhee et al. On guyz quest to achieve amazing-looking hair? Before we dive in, here are three things you should know about hair types for men: There are four main hair types for men.

Each hair type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing gt right products for your hair type is key to achieving healthy, happy hair. Hair Types for Men Explained So, what are the different hair types for men? Straight Hair Does your hair and scalp get super oily by the end of the day?

Does it fall straight without much fuss? If so, you probably have a straight hair type. Straight hair is usually soft and silky due to a gair amount of oil secretion. This hair type has a tendency to look too and flat hence, what is a grade 3 brain tumor need for sea salt spray.

If your hair gets oily, be on the lookout for signs of dandruff. How to Care for Wavy Hair Wavy hair is amazing for guys because there are endless ways to style it. Curly Hair Guys who have a curly hair type are no doubt aware of their curls. You have all that thick, ge hair that other guys would kill for. Unfortunately, you also have the monumental task yet caring for it. Your thirsty strands will thank you for it. Style your curls by applying a nourishing hair cream to wet strands.

It may take forever to dry, but your hair will look like a million bucks. Kinky aka, Coily Hair Kinky hair is curly hair to the extreme. Haair hair types are most common in black guys.

However, other ethnicities can have tightly-coiled locks as well. With a little trial and error, you fro expect more good hair days yow come.

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Steps to Straighten Wavy Hair for Guys

May 27,  · Pick one that suits your hair and use. Make sure you get one which goes well with your hair and avoid it if it breaks your hair even the slightest. Use the conditioner to wash and condition your hair. It is advisable to do this on a free day as this drying the hair might take time.

A couple of methods are available to straighten the curly or wavy hair. The straightening process can be done temporarily with a blow dryer and comb or a flat iron will also aid in achieving straight strands. A relaxer helps to chemically straighten the hair in a semi-permanent procedure. Research, trial and error methods will help a man to not only choose the kind of styling equipment but also the products that work best for him. The following steps aid in achieving hair straightening temporarily.

Before starting the blowout the hair needs to be clean and conditioned. A conditioner helps to soften the hair, making it easier to comb for people with intensely curly hair.

Pat dry the hair with a towel post a hair wash. Apply a coin-sized amount of coconut or argan oil into the palm and rub the hands together and run the oil through the hair from the root to tip. To prevent hair breakage run a comb from the ends of the hair to the roots. Comb in sections to free the hair from tangles and knots.

Put the blow dryer on the medium heat setting and move it over the hair as it is combed. A nozzle attachment aids in controlling the airflow. Comb down from the roots to the tips. As the hair dries, a straighter hair will be obtained or observed. Avoid using the blow dryer over one section of hair for too long as it is seen to be damaged by the heat of the dryer. Once the hair is straightened in one section, move to a different region of the hair. Continue doing this until all the hair straightening process is complete.

Smoothing serum is seen to alleviate hair fizziness and enhances shine. Apply a small amount into the palm and work the serum from the ends to the hair roots. The hair needs to be clean before the flat ironing process. A detangling shampoo and smoothing conditioner enhances the hair straightening procedures. The hair needs to be air dried or dried with a blow dryer prior to the use of a flat iron. The heat from the flat iron damages the hair if used on a wet hair.

Work the serum into the strands, from the roots to hair tips. Heat protection serum shields the hair from any heat damage that may occur during the flat iron application. Switch on the flat iron to the lowest setting.

Gather an inch or 2. Then, move the flat iron over the section to straighten it. If performed properly, the hair should be straight without any waves or curls. Note: Avoid leaving the flat iron on a section of hair for more than seconds as the chances of burning the hair are high. A styling gel application will play a critical role in styling the hair as desired. Comb the strands back to have a slicked-back look or part the hair to one side. The steps involved in this semi-permanent hair straightening includes:.

Scalp irritation if present will be aggravated by the application of a relaxer is applied and shampooing the hair could also leave tiny micro-abrasions on the scalp. The instructions with the specific application methods and treatment times need to be followed strictly to avoid hair damages. Note: A pair of rubber gloves will protect the skin from the caustic relaxer chemicals. Section the hair with the aid of a wide-toothed comb. Begin with the ends of the hair and move towards the roots and edges, till a full coverage over that section of hair is achieved.

Later move to another section and repeat the process until the relaxer is applied to all hair portions. The instructions will provide the exact standing time of the relaxer on the hair. If an individual notices any extreme burning or irritation, it is advised to immediately wash off the relaxer with a clarifying shampoo. If the relaxer package contains a shampoo, use that to wash off the relaxer post the standing time.

If not, use a neutralizing shampoo to wash the relaxer out. Post-shower, brush the hair to view the obtained outcome. For beginners using a mini hair, straightener may be difficult, but practice will help to master it. The following steps help a man use the straightener at ease:. Some of the top hair straighteners for men are BaByliss PRO nano titanium mini straightening iron, GHD classic hair straighteners, Miuphro mini hair straightener brush, Huachi hair straightener rechargeable mini flat iron, and NMISS portable plate car mini travel hair straightener.

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