How to get a contract phone if your under 18

how to get a contract phone if your under 18

Is it possible for someone under the age of 18 to get a contract mobile phone?

Nov 06,  · Ease of access — On prepaid plans, services straightforward and can be accessed easily by individuals below Unlike postpaid plans, these plans do not require contract or credit checks; both activities that cannot be undergone by individuals below Widely available — Prepaid plans are widely available. They are offered by all major telcos as well as many Individuals are at liberty to pick from a . Feb 18,  · Technically you can but it has to be under someones name that is over 18 for example, You get an iPhone but your mom or dad or someone over 18's name would have to sign the .

To take out a pay monthly phone you will be credit checked so you need to be at least of 18 years of age to take out a mobile phone contract. There is no way around this as you need a credit or debit card to verify your identity and the ability to set up a direct debit facility. The most how to create light effects in photoshop cs5 workaround we see is parents to taking out the contract in their name on a family plan and the child reimbursing them each month.

The other solution is to look at some PAYG deals that can be topped up via cash over the counter and to buy the phone outright. In house mobile phone expert at TigerMobiles. I conttract up our help and advice section; answering customer questions cobtract queries to help them make better buying decisions. I specialise in cybersecurity, smartphone tech and related tech products, authoring some of our buying guides and contributing to the wider technology community. Compare Deals.

Posted by:. Brandon Ackroyd In house mobile phone expert at TigerMobiles. Twitter Facebook. What Do They Actually Mean? By Brandon Ackroyd on January 23, Compare Mobile Phone Deals Find cheap deals on all the latest mobile phones and save yourself some money.

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Answer: The short answer is that you need to be 18 or over in order to sign any type of contract and therefore mobile networks won’t allow someone under the age of 18 to sign up to a contract with them since it’s against the law. One of the reasons for this is that the majority of mobile phone networks do a credit check before allowing someone to agree to a contract with them to ensure that you’ve paid all of your bills and so on in the . May 29,  · im under age at the moment to get a pay monthly contract phone, is there any way i can get a contract without using my parents money. i have my own debit card and account. ive also heard that you can put a contract under your parents name but the money can be taken out of my account, is this true? Dec 28,  · alright so i want to get a phone contract. but i'm under 18 and my mum won't commit her name to it - she wants me to because i'm the one who will pay it. however i don't think i can because i'm under 18 and i don't have a bank account. is there a way i can??!! also is this a good deal? theres a phone i want for ?, but its ?15 a month with minutes and unlimited texts for 24 months.

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Pay Monthly. Hey, I've read on the internet in many forums that working year olds are getting iPhone O2 contracts, but in there parents name but the with THERE debit card details and the money coming out every month through direct debit. Is this possible, my friend did it with his dad the other day? If so, is it better to do in store, online or over the phone? Thats more than enough every month for an iPhone.

Can i do this with my Mum? The contracts in her name but the money is coming out of my account every month. And once im 18 they switch the account holder to me. Thanks, Joey. Report Content. Message 1 of 10 54, Views. Reply 2 Kudos. Its really not us you should be asking, its your mum lol. Yes a lot of parents do take out contracts for their children, more often then not its on sim only deals though. Have you had a looked into the Iphone tariffs though? Then what if you go over your allowance, will you have enough money to cover any extra spending on your bill?

Just a few things to think about as your mum will be held accountable. And you can't change the account into your name once you are 18, only when the contract is up will you be able to take out another contract in your name. I'm pretty cynical about parents doing this for their children, I for one would never take a phone out for my son, I have seen it go wrong so many times, on a daily basis.

Can't you just stick with a PAYG or test the waters with a sim only till your 18? Message 2 of 10 54, Views. Reply 0 Kudos. It is against UK law to have compulsory insurance on electrical goods. Message 3 of 10 54, Views. I was told, only this week, that when taking out an Iphone you have to get insurance with it.

I did think at the time this was rather odd, but I didn't question it. Message 4 of 10 54, Views. Most independent insurers are half that price. Is this O2 who are applying this or CPW or both. Message 5 of 10 54, Views. This is o2 only but as far as I am aware its not too differently priced to CPW?

You don't HAVE to take insurance with iphone. Message 6 of 10 54, Views. Message 7 of 10 54, Views. Message 8 of 10 54, Views. Untill my son was 18 i always got his contract for him and paid it out my bank account,when he turned 18 and got a job i kept it in my name untill the contract ran out,but changed it to his bank account.

Message 9 of 10 54, Views. Hey, So i went to an O2 store yesterday after college and the sales assitant told me that i can ask a parent or guardian to act as guarantor Meaning I pay the bill etc. Is this possible? PS: I wasnt with my mum at the time so I couldnt do it.

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