How to document pmp hours

how to document pmp hours

Applying for the PMP Exam: Hours, what about my hours?

The process for documenting hours (experience) for the PMP exam (or any PMI application, for that matter) is straightforward: You write down, on a scratch paper, all the projects that you have worked on - You remember what kind of work you have done on each project (scheduling, risk management, etc). Feb 14,  · For additional in depth information on strategies and tips to pass the PMP examination, please visit our PMP exam information page.. Enter your email below to obtain the link to the spreadsheet (The spreadsheet is compatible with Excel and above and can be viewed on the Windows platform and should be compatible on the Mac).

One of the most frequent if not the most frequent questions I am asked by potential PMP hopefuls is about the PMP examination application process.

In particular, project managers would like to how to eat muesli with yogurt how they should what is rhyming words in tagalog about filing their work experience : how to document their hours of project management experience, how to report it to PMI, and how to prepare for the dreaded PMI auditshould it occur.

I followed a how to make a big smiley face in text of my own devising to file my own project management work experience in preparation for my application to take the PMP exam that seemed to work pretty well.

In order to apply for the PMP examination, you need to have amassed 4, hours of project management work experience. For each project that you have worked on during your career, you need to document the hours you have spent in each of the five PMI Process Groups. These groups are:. After calculating the hours per Process Group for each project, you will arrive at a total number of project hours for that individual project.

Once you have completed tallying your work experience for all of the projects you have worked on, you can then figure out the total hours that you have worked for all of the projects in your career. To figure this total out, I used an Excel spreadsheet that tallied up all of my hours of work experience per Process Group, per project, that How to solve a difficult sudoku had worked on in my previous roles.

I then used built-in Excel functions to figure out how many hours total that equaled. You can download the template here. The next and perhaps most important step you need to take before you submit your PMP application is to prepare yourself in case your application should get audited by the Project Management Institute.

In order to do this, you will want to contact those managers who you have worked for in the past and send them the hours that you have indicated that you worked on projects while under their management in your Excel spreadsheet. You will then ask these managers: Should my application happen to get audited by PMI, will you attest that I worked the hours that I have indicated I worked on this spreadsheet?

Should PMI decide to audit your application, you can simply have your former managers sign off on the hours that you have already passed by them. Any conflicts or disagreements about the hours you have worked while in their employ should have been resolved before you submitted your PMP application.

There are a few difficult scenarios that you may encounter when preparing for a possible PMI audit. These include:. In that case, I would go in armed with the truth — that there are hours that you have indicated you have worked but cannot vouch for, and the reasons that you cannot vouch for them.

I am sure that PMI has received many applications from project managers working in military or top-secret organizations who cannot disclose information about the various projects that they have worked on.

In that case, I imagine that you can work with PMI to find a way to approve your application without your having to deliver any separate artifacts to prove your experience.

I hope that this article and accompanying spreadsheet come in handy when it comes time for you or someone you know to file your project management work experience for the PMP application.

Good luck with your application, good luck how to document pmp hours your PMP exam preparationand good luck on the exam! Hello Brian, Thank you for sharing all the valuable information and experience. I live in Canada and quit my role as a senior Analyst in Enterprise operations 2 years ago to get more time how to request your credit score my family.

I am also certified in ITIL foundation. I feel inspired to become PMP certified. My boss from previous work has agreed to attest hours. So I start the process inkeeping my fingers crossed. I wonder if my form will be question because I am presently unemployed. Not sure of the challenges of how applying for work as PM is going to turn out. Will cross the bridge when I get there. All I know is I have always enjoyed leading and directing projects.

All the same, thanks so much for this treasure you share so positively! Avery Happy New year to you! Cheers, Sri.

Thanks very much for the comment. I hope that you are enjoying living in Canada… that is where I grew up! If you have a bachelors degree, have taken the required hours of project management education, and can have your former employer attest to your hours of professional project management experience, then you should have no problems applying to take the PMP exam.

In fact, now does seem to be a very good time for you to apply for and take the PMP exam; as you are currently between jobs, if you are looking to land a position as a project manager, getting PMP certified can certainly help you achieve that goal. Thank you for your post. I would like to solicit your advice. I have been in IT for over 38 years. Many of my previous line managers are uncontactable but I have all my employment contracts which ofcourse state my Position, duration, etc.

What advice can you give me as to my PMI application. It sounds to me that you have some solid work experience leading and directing projects over the past two and a half decades. If you do have your employment contracts stating your position and duration, I do not think that you should have any problem proving to PMI that you have accumulated the sufficient amount of work experience in order to qualify to take the PMP exam.

I think that is great that you have kept those documents — that is some great record keeping! I worked at a company for 3 years as a User Experience Producer.

I worked on many small to mid projects. These projects were as short as three days to as long as 8 weeks. Will I have to enter this information one project at a time or can I combine the hours? I believe with my total experience I have the hours required.

I worked closely with the Visual Design Art Director at my previous company, she can def vouch for my hours. Hi Jeffrey, Did you get a reply to this question?

They may not run all 5 process groups, but still require management. Do you plan to include those hours on your application? I have Bsc in Engineering and 9 years of PM how to document pmp hours. Also, I was instructor at college to teaching project management course for a year. Would this be covering my 35 hours of project management education? You are very welcome Sri!

Glad to hear you love Canada… truly the greatest country in the world! Best of luck to you with your future project management endeavors. Best of luck filing your work experience and applying for the exam! Thanks Brian to your helpful posts. Currently I am working as a project engineer in Enersul. Am I eligible to claim my hour as project engineering experience. Hope all is well in your job as a project engineer.

Meanwhile, I am not familiar with MME certification… but if it is an engineering-related certification requiring engineering hours to apply for or upkeep, then you might be in good shape? At any rate, good luck figuring all that out — I agree that applying for and maintaining certifications can be a chore! Thank you for coming up with such an insightful post. Your helpful gesture is greatly appreciated. Looking at your sample template I feel I have sufficient hours of work experience to be eligible for the exam.

I think the PMP certification can help me find the right kind of job after my graduation. I wanted to know if my experience of handling projects during my MBA can also be taken into account while filling the template. I intend to attend the preparatory boot camp to complete the necessary hours of training. I wanted to know if this course can be taken online because my university is located in a small town where there are no PMI training institutes. You need:. The wording here indicates professional project management experience; that makes me think that projects managed during your MBA studies will not count when you apply to take the examination.

That said, if you were working professionally as a project manager while taking your MBA, that would certainly count. As for your next question — I do believe that you can take your training online. So if you take a formal project management class that happens to be an online course, that should be fine.

I should also point out that it does not indicate that you need to take a PMP prep course; this is a common misconception. Best of luck with your project management courses — How to draw ravens logo step by step hope that you learn a lot of useful stuff! Let me know how the process goes for you.

I am planning to take PMP certification and am trying to document work experience. I have 7 yrs of experience as software developer. But very less experience in planningmonitoring fields less than a year. Is that ok? Unfortunately, in order to apply to take the PMP exam, you need to have earned professional project management work experience. Software developer work experience, though extremely useful — I firmly believe that quality coding or engineering experience will make you a much better project manager in the future — does not count toward the hours of work experience that you need to earn in order to apply to take the PMP.

Thanks for the quick reply and also the link to the article. That gave me good information about the other options. I will go through the scrum and ITIL details as well.

I hope you have fun learning about Scrum and ITIL — in my opinion, the more you can learn about different project management frameworks and methodologies, the better!

I for one have worked on different projects for different companies that have benefited from different approaches to project management, or hybrid combinations of different methodologies. Beside that, I had record my project by using work order list but only by day to day without any hours overall around projects I had coordinate.

Should I fill in the project hours as my day how to farewell a friend hours? Hi Brain, Thank you so much for this article it does help a lot.

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To apply for the exam, PMI requires that an applicant with a bachelor’s degree verify hours of project management exposure/experience. Apparently the term ‘non-overlapping’ confuses people. The concept is truly simple. There are only 8 hours in a day. Five days and therefore 40 hours . Jul 26,  · Note that the project management experience for this example is only relevant to the Executing Domain. All other domains will have zero hours recorded. You may include experience for one or more domains for any given project experience, but the sum of all of your experience hours must cover all five domains. When I filled out the PMP application, I went back over the positions that I held over the last several years, looked at my responsibilities and estimated the amount of time that I spent on project management tasks. I then consulted with my curren.

Jul 26, Project Management. The PMI requires details about your experience to validate that the application requirements have been met in every instance of experience that you cite.

We hope this example will help you gauge the time and effort it will take for you to complete your application. This seems like a long time, but it could be quite a chore pouring over your resume, the project archives, etc.

Keep in mind that your application may be selected for audit by the PMI. If it is, your contact information is expected to be current , and you will be asked for supporting documentation as well. You may want to collect the relevant documentation as you are working on projects — not only for potential audit, but it could also help you fill in some of the information required by the application.

This example represents a project that was directed and led by the PMP candidate for the entire duration of the project , through all domains Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. The second example represents experience gained by the candidate as the Team Leader for the Executing domain only.

Download the application form if you wish to submit a paper application. This link will take you to the PMI Log In screen where you can register for a new account or log in to your existing account if you already have one. The first screens of the on-line application capture your contact info and history. The next screen is the Eligibility Worksheet , which displays your progress in reaching the requirements for PM experience months and hours and PM education hours.

Note that the Project Title must clearly name the project. The Project Role is the role you performed on the project. The Primary Industry is the primary industry in which your organization as a business was engaged. Note that the Job Title is the title of the position you held at the time you gained this project experience.

Our PMP candidate was the Operations Supervisor by position title in the organization, and held the Project Manager role on the project. This should be a manager or stakeholder within the organization, or perhaps an external client. Our PMP candidate worked nearly full-time on this project for its seven-month duration, and gained experience in all five project management domains.

Note that you will record the hours for each domain, and they must be logical when considering the overall duration of the project. The narrative description can only be characters long, so keep it concise but meaningful. Note the guideline that is included in this section. Also, remember that the Responsibilities and Deliverables must be pertinent to your role on the project — in other words, what you were responsible for and what you produced.

Look back at the previous screen and review the descriptions of the domains to understand what types of activities and deliverables would be considered relevant under each domain. You can see a summary of the information you just entered and how your experience is totaling up toward your minimum hours 4, or 7, requirement.

From here, we move on to the next experience, which is the Office Space Expansion project. Note that the project management experience for this example is only relevant to the Executing Domain. All other domains will have zero hours recorded. You may include experience for one or more domains for any given project experience, but the sum of all of your experience hours must cover all five domains. When this example has been entered, the Experience Worksheet looks like this:.

Now your summary includes the second experience example. When you have submitted all of the experience you need to satisfy the months and hours of your requirement, all you have left to do is record your PM education such as a PMP exam prep course and your application will be ready to submit!

Facebook Twitter Google Instagram. Before You Begin … … think about tracking your experience in a spreadsheet or table, something like the one below. Then you will enter your experience in hours by domain. Finally, a brief narrative description of your experience: The narrative description can only be characters long, so keep it concise but meaningful. The first example experience is done! Now on to the next … From here, we move on to the next experience, which is the Office Space Expansion project.

When this example has been entered, the Experience Worksheet looks like this: Now your summary includes the second experience example. Subscribe To Our Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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