How to change my bsnl broadband wifi password

how to change my bsnl broadband wifi password

How to Change BSNL WiFi Password (in BSNL Broadband Modem or Router)

Oct 02,  · How To Change BSNL WiFi Password. Follow the instructions mentioned below. Believe me, It is easy as a piece of cake. Step 1: Open up a Web Browser of your choice, Here for this article, I am using the Google Chrome. Step 2: . May 24,  · How to change the password of bsnl wifi on Dlink DSLU,other Routers|Change Bsnl wifi Password - YouTube. Bsnl wifi Password Change, Bsnl wifi password setup,How to change your wifi password Author: Harish Bhathee.

BSNL broadband is one of the best and popular internet services in India when you are using BSNL broadband modem or router to create Wi-Fi network it is essential what day is today today is mothers day have a secure password. Unless you are not a tech-savvy person, you know these kinds of tasks are made simply because it involves the end user.

It does not matter if you are using a BSNL given modem and router using the other companies router with your BSNL broadband, instructions given in this article pretty much applies to all routers. Before going into the instruction here are some keynote you should read.

A router allows many computers to join the same network. And Internet connection order goes this way. Configuring your BSNL broadband, it has a graphical user interface which you can access using this default IP address When you visit the IP address it asks for a password to accept the dashboard this is due to security reason so that not all people who are connected to your broadband Wi-Fi network and access or change its settings.

Also if you got chanbe credentials at the time of broadband installation enter that username and password to login to the dashboard. Accessing the IP address will ask you for username and password, the different router may prompt differently, but the mechanism is similar in all, you enter the password to access the configuration page. Most of the case IP address will be either Now go to internet tab and then wireless tab, hover in menu for option at the bottom of the page you will find a section from where you can change the Wi-Fi password.

Look for something pre-shared key or WPS pass key. The Pre-shared key is also known as PSK which is the more secure network. And if you would like to remove the Wi-Fi password you need to select no encryption under security setting see the next what does civil engineering mean of this article.

Or if you are using a different modem does this information bznl you chanbe the password: let us know in the comments section. If you are using BSNL modem, you will find the similar settings under Basic settings under wireless network configuration how to change Wi-Fi password in BSNL modem check the instructions after this paragraph. Some people use D-Link Modem, others use spider link, and if you are using the BSNL broadband modem follow the instructions that are broadbamd similar.

First, check the backside of your modem to see if there are some default credentials written. The default password and username can be same, i. Just like what you said earlier the default router dashboards IP address is Manually type the IP address into your browser address bar and hit the enter button which will prompt for username and password.

Tl you have multiple computers which one to connect to the internet you can set your broadband connection through LAN. The physical address is made up of 12 characters.

Change [-] with [:]. Following the instructions above, after logging into the dashboard, you need to click the security tab. Security Option : If you choose to password-protect your Wi-Fi connection you need to set a security type, one of the speak your network you can passwoord is by setting WPA2-PSK encryption.

You can put anything as your password but make sure it is strong enough and hard to guess. To prevent this choose better security. Few things might help such as always use a strong Wi-Fi password and encrypt it with better security. But things can go worse especially when you forget the login password of the router dashboard page, in that case, you either call how to be a contestant on the amazing race canada broadband customer support or hard reset your BSNL broadband.

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If you want to change BSNL Broadband Wifi Password then you have to follow the below steps. Connect your LAN wire of your router to PC. Avoid If you’re already connected(by wire or wireless). Go to http:// in your browser. Fill up the prompt with username and password. username= admin and password= admin. Go to Wireless in the settings. Welcome to the new selfcare portal. If you are an existing selfcare portal user, Please re-register with your email id in the new portal. Jan 07,  · Select the first option, i.e, Setup a Wireless, Broadband or Dial-up and hit “Next”. Select the Broadband PPPoE and enter your username, password provided to you by BSNL. Also name the connection accordingly (say, BSNL BB). Now simply connect to internet and you are done. Also make a shortcut to your desktop for easy access.

BSNL is still a great option to go with if you are looking for Broadband service. Especially, if you are having a Wifi Router then it is a must to have it Password protected.

To restrict Unauthorized usage of your Wifi, you can anytime add a Password to it and Lock it up. This trick will come really handy when you are having a Limited Data Connection. If you exhaust your Internet Data Limit and then use it beyond, then you would have to pay a huge sum as the Internet Bill. My friend was having a similar experience, well I will share it here.

Guess what? All the people who pass nearby started using his WiFi. Because it was not password protected. If the above stated is your reason or you just wanted to change BSNL Wifi Password just because someone has found it then this article is really gonna help you in getting your job done.

I am pretty sure that no users will opt to go with a cable Broadband service these days. The majority of them will only opt to go with the WiFi option. If you are using a Cable connected Modem then you are tension free because no one other than you can access the Internet and you are completely safe.

When you create a WiFi Network, it will be accessible to the public. So, we should add an additional layer of security by adding a strong Password that is too hard to guess or crack. If you keep some sort of simple password then it will be so easy to be cracked by WiFi Hacking Application.

So, be aware of that as well. Every modem will have an IP Address to access the settings and configurations. Any Browser will work fine and Google Chrome is always the Best. The best part about this tutorial is that we do not need any third-party applications to do this work. If you were thinking you need to download something, No you are not required to do anything.

Step 3: Now, a popup will appear asking you to enter the Username and password. Username and Password are given below. If you want, you go with the default one as well. I will leave Phone Numbers that you will need to contact them for further assistance. All you need is just a Web Browser to access the Settings panel of your Modem. Next onwards, no one will be able to connect to your WiFi network without your permission. You can use the same steps mentioned above if you want to change it again.

In case someone knew the Password! After doing everything, just Reboot your WiFi modem and you are all good to go. Settings will take effect immediately after you Turn On the Modem. Username: admin. Password: admin. Astro K Joseph. What Song is this? How to Unblur a Photo or Image [3 Methods]. Load More.

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