How to boot my computer from a cd

how to boot my computer from a cd

How to boot from a CD or DVD in a computer

How to boot from DVD or CD rescue media Go to your computer’s BIOS settings and confirm that the optical drive is listed first in the boot sequence. If it is not, reorder the list so the optical drive is first. That ensures your computer to boot from the DVD (or CD) instead of the hard drive as it normally does. Jun 12,  · Press and hold the “Shift” key as you click the “Restart” option in the Start menu or on the sign-in screen. Windows will reboot into a special boot options menu. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings on this menu .

You have to reinstall Windows. Your operating system keeps showing an error message and you need to run a diagnostic tool. These are just a few of the many reasons why you might need to start your system using boot media Whether it is Windows, Linux, macOS, or something else, the OS tells all of the components of your computer what to do.

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All rights reserved. Boot Camp: Creating and using optical boot disks. Acronis Disk Director Learn more day free trial. What is rescue boot media? It is fully certified to work with all Windows operating systems up to and including Windows 10, and can run in the Windows Pre-installation Environment WinPE.

With WinPE-based media you can boot a crashed machine or one without any operating system. You can also create a Linux-based boot media disk using Acronis Disk Director You can find instruction on how to do that here. Resources Renewals Contact us Site map. Legal info Privacy Policy. Australia and Oceania Australia English.

What is rescue boot media?

Sep 11,  · Option 1: By pressing the boot menu key, the screen will show a list of devices that your computer can boot from. Just use the arrow key to select your desired device (CD, USB or Hard Drive) and then press Enter. Your computer will directly boot from a specific device. Step 2: Select the CD/DVD drive as the boot device Press the power button to turn the computer on. As soon as the computer starts, a message appears indicating that the Type the four-digit code shown in the message, then press Enter to confirm the change. note: No text field displays for Press.

You might have to boot from a CD, DVD, or BD to run certain kinds of testing or diagnostic tools, like memory testing programs or bootable antivirus software. Another reason is if you're planning to reinstall the Windows operating system or run automatic Windows repair tools.

Booting from a disc is operating system independent , meaning that it's the same in Windows 7 as it is in Windows 10 , or Windows 8 , etc. When you boot from a disc, what you're actually doing is running your computer with whatever small operating system is installed on the disc. When you start your computer normally , you're running with the OS installed on your hard drive , like Windows, Linux, etc.

Some computers are already configured this way but many are not. If the optical drive is not first in the boot order , your PC will start "normally" i. After setting your optical drive as the first boot device in BIOS , your computer will check that drive for a bootable disc each time your computer starts.

Leaving your PC configured this way shouldn't cause problems unless you plan on leaving a disc in the drive all the time. The process is fairly similar to booting from a disc but there are a few extra things to consider. How do you know if a disc is bootable? The easiest way to find out if a disc is bootable is to insert it into your drive and follow the remainder of these instructions.

Most operating system setup CDs and DVDs are bootable, as are many advanced diagnostic tools like the ones discussed above. Programs downloadable from the internet that are intended to be bootable discs are usually made available in the ISO format , but you can't just burn an ISO to the disc as you can other files.

Restart your computer —either properly from within Windows or via your reset or power button if you're still in the BIOS menu. When booting from a Windows setup disc, and occasionally other bootable discs as well, you may be prompted with a message to press a key to boot from the disc. For the disc boot to be successful, you'll need to do this during the few seconds that the message is on the screen.

If you do nothing, your computer will check for boot information on the next boot device in the list in BIOS see Step 1 , which will probably be your hard drive. Most bootable discs don't prompt for a keypress and will start immediately. What happens now depends on what the bootable disc was for.

A bootable AV program will start the virus scanning software. You get the idea. Follow these really easy steps to boot from a disc, a process that usually takes around 5 minutes:. If you tried the above steps but your computer still isn't booting from the disc properly, check out some of the tips below. It can be easy to exit BIOS without saving the changes, so be sure to watch for any confirmation prompts before exiting. Do you have more than one optical drive? Your computer probably only allows for one of your disc drives to be booted from.

Insert the disc into the other drive, restart your computer, and see what happens then. Clean the disc. A clean disc could make all the difference. If the disc is one you created yourself, like from an ISO file, then burn it again.

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