How much do recycled glass countertops cost

how much do recycled glass countertops cost

Recycled Glass Countertop Cost Comparison and Installation Prices

5 rows · Apr 14,  · Recycled Glass Countertops Costs Zip Code Sq. ft. Basic Better Best; Recycled Glass. 9 rows · Expect to pay about $2, for a square-foot recycled glass countertop, or about $90 per.

For Homeowners Who Are Both Environmentally and Style Conscious At first blush, glass might seem like an unusual choice for a surface that receives heavy use. Glass countertops, however, are far from fragile. In fact, they are not only as strong as stone, but they also provide the same elegant look that natural stone slab does.

And by using a recycled material, you'll be doing your part to support sustainable building practices. One of two types of binders is typically added to the glass, and depending on which binder is used, the surface must be cared for differently. In most cases, counters contain both types of recycled glass. Customers who truly want to be eco-friendly how to cure fissure in ano want to avoid countertops with a resin binder, as it is derived from non-renewable petrochemicals.

Some products, however, have a cement binder made from recycled materials. But a countertop with a cement or resin binder is also a choice you can feel good about. Skip to content. Home Business Home Improvement. Search Home Search page. Recycled Glass Countertops Home Countertops. Recycled Glass Countertops. Get Free Price Quotes.

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Per Square Foot Cost of Recycled Glass Countertops A general cost of Recycled glass countertops is usually priced between $50 and $80 per square foot, not including installation. The counters can be found in nearly any color imaginable. Mixtures of colors and patterns are also available, though they can easily increase the cost somewhat. She adds that recycled glass countertops cost per square foot ranges from $51 to $, depending on the brand, rarity of color and size of embedded glass pieces. “Trinity Glass has the smallest size," she says. "Vetrazzo has the largest." Countertop contractors contacted by Angie's List indicated granite countertops start around $40 per square foot and go up from there, and engineered quartz counters . That they incorporate the same level of care and detail into slabs that you do in your design is what makes Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops a luxury surface and not a common good. See and feel the texture of our recylced glass counterops. Order a sample here. Free to the trade. $10 for homeowners.

An amazing new technology for the modern kitchen, Recycled Glass Countertops are quickly gaining in popularity as one the popular countertop materials being used for remodel and new construction. They are made from recycled glass, placed within a matrix of porcelain or cement, and they are very eco-friendly.

Recycled Glass counters have a beautiful mosaic-like appearance, and are available in a nearly infinite array of custom colors. They can be manufactured in any shape or size and are very durable. Once they are sealed, they do not absorb any liquid whatsoever. This makes them the ideal choice for the kitchen or bathroom.

In this Countertop Guide , we're going to learn about recycled glass countertop cost , and the installation factors that can affect the price of recycled glass countertops. The counters can be found in nearly any color imaginable. Mixtures of colors and patterns are also available, though they can easily increase the cost somewhat.

Since recycled glass is a manufactured material it can be purchased in any shape or size you can think of. The cost of recycled glass counters may be affected by sink cutouts, utility cutouts, curved surfaces, and backslash. This makes them a better choice than granite countertops or many other natural materials like quartz , for challenging installations.

The finished material is extremely durable and, once sealed, completely watertight. The surface will benefit from regular waxing, since it's somewhat susceptible to acid and discoloration, and this will save maintenance costs in the future.

Although recycled glass counters are perfectly safe and made from extremely eco-friendly materials, it is important to use cutting boards and hot pads in order to protect the finish.

Recycled glass countertops prices may not be appropriate for commercial kitchens or any place that sees extreme wear and tear, as the regular maintenance and replacement cost associated with commercial use, would likely drive up the cost of recycled glass counters as well as the installation. Quotes are free, but you can expect to a sales pitch, as you would expect from anyone offering a free pricing service.

If you live far from the distributor of recycled glass countertops, you might expect to pay for shipping, and naturally, seasonal considerations will affect your contractor costs. Thicker slabs and complex edge requirements will also increase the base price. How much do Granite Countertops Cost?

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